Ambivalent, Sensitive, or Empathetic?

Where are you at in your soul journey?

Ambivalence This is where the majority of the collective is stuck at. Most people really don’t care about each other, about Gaia, about animals or the future. The only thing that really triggers emotions in them is anything that threatens their Ego. They chase pleasure as opposed to happiness and have addictions; to food, drugs, work, sex, narcissistic supply etc. A state of ambivalence shows a dangerously low level of conscientiousness. People in a state of ambivalence can only have co-dependant relationships (family, platonic or romantic) because they don’t actually care about the other persons’ well-being. They are only concerned about what they are gaining from the relationship personally. They can have genuine emotions, but they are Self-focused. There is no soul connection to anything, or heart centered action. There is little to no awareness of collective consciousness and the connection that we all share. They are either competitive or have given up.

Sensitive Most people who call themselves “Empaths” are really just sensitive. They are overtaken by their emotions and environment. They cannot manage their energy and are easily triggered. They don’t actually understand others and are often feeling taken advantage of or overwhelmed by events. They may take on the pain of others to their own detriment, & the detriment of the other soul as it prolongs their journey. They have reached a level of compassion (“concern for others”) but don’t have the knowledge, strength or skill to create change. They are primarily self-centered (which they would often disagree with as they lack awareness) -not for lack of caring but as a means of survival. When you’re feeling super-sensitive, you’re too frail to be concerned for others. They often put up with bad treatment from others and say things like “I just have a really big heart, that’s why I get take advantage of” Its a very weak state of being. Often they are aware of the collective connection, but can only perceive it through their own needs and worries. They are high in affective empathy, but lack intellectual empathy. They aren’t done evolving yet!

Empathic Empathic people posses the ability to be both affectively empathic and intellectually empathic. They are aware of their own needs, as well as others. They know how to effectively help, and when. They have transcended competitiveness & co-dependency. They are energetically strong and can easily manage their emotions. They do not shy away from the truth, and make their choices based on truths, however harsh they may be. The know how to effectively create change for themselves and the collective. They are completely aware of the collective nature within this shared experience, and make choices that reflect that. They tend to be environmentally responsible and take real action towards making caring choices. They are neither “Me” focused nor “Them” focused … they are “Us” focused. They are kind; not nice, and tend not to care for preformative emotions. People who are still in the earlier stages of soul-development often have a hard time understanding Empaths because they are still working from an old program, which is based on manipulations (even “positive” manipulations such as niceties or social dances) They are authentic souls who are not typically bothered by the opinions of others. Their egos are well-balanced and they stay out of blame, understanding their roles within a relationship or situation. They see things for how they are, not for how they want it to be.

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