Intentions Create The Future

Our intentions have a hefty impact on the future and how things will proceed. More important than “positive thinking”, our intention is what has influence over the quantum field. What many are realizing now about “positive thought only” concepts (eg; “The Secret”) is that… this whole idea of only thinking positive is delusional and seriously harmful. We see mixed results from these practices, and it’s for the same reason we see mixed results with placebo trials. The real secret isn’t

Only allow positive thoughts to be seen in the conscious mind and dismiss/delude/deny the more “negative” aspects of currant reality

And its not to “trick” ourselves into believing something will work or happen. The real secret to why visualization and placebos often do “work” or “manifest” is because we had the subconscious intention that it would happen. It is because we set an intention. We gave an order, an instruction. It was not because we were super nice and think super nice thoughts all day. If that were the case greedy bankers, the Cabal, anyone with dark intentions, wouldn’t be so successful. And yet we see them at the top of the ladder. They understand something that we all need to re-remember. We can give orders too. We can take back our Will and Sovereignty, and that’s not done by being a lamb.

The subconscious is a record keeper of everything that has ever happened in your life, and it is the rudder of the of the boat, so to speak. So if you truly want to heal a dis-ease, and take a placebo and it works, its not because you “tricked” your body into remission, as the currant allopathic theory claims. It is because you intended that pill to heal you, and so it did.

Now lets say it did Not work. Lets say even the actual prescription medication doesn’t work either. Whats happening now? Well, the subconscious has other plans, for various reasons. Despite best efforts, healing fails to proceed. These are what people are referring to when they say they think they have “a block” This is when its time to see a Shaman or someone else who can ethically and accurately test your subconscious to find out why it does not (yet) intend for you to heal. There is usually a trapped emotions/karmic debris that needs conscious realizing and clearing first. Perhaps there is a trapped emotion of depression, and so subconsciously you feel hopeless. Subconsciously, you want out of this life and so medication wont help. Maybe subconsciously you feel unloved, and this is the only way you currently have to get easy attention. The reasons/blocks are varied for each person.

Now lets look at positive thinking “The Secret” style. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Because sometimes, though we visualized and felt what it might be like to say, have a new house, the subconscious knows there is healing/learning or karma/trapped energy that needs to be released first. So despite making that vision board, saying positive affirmations daily, & pretending you are a magical priestess, you are not “manifesting” results. It seems like there is a “block” because all the other things you wanted came through. Most definitely your subconscious has a different intention than your conscious mind does. A visit with a Shaman may reveal that subconsciously you have a trapped emotion of fear, from when you were a child and you moved into a new neighborhood and started getting bullied. So now, despite your intentions, your subconscious’ intention is holding you back. We clear it, along with any other trapped emotions we find that are holding you back, and now your conscious and subconscious minds are on the same page.

Please note here how harmful positive-only thoughts are. If you would have only allowed yourself to feel the low vibration, you could have resolved it on your own, especially with some practice, which only comes from dealing with “negative” emotions. If you really allowed yourself to feel into it, and became aware that “I think I’m feeling some fear when I think about moving” you could have perhaps realized the block yourself, and moved past it. Instead you choose to deny the harder aspects of reality & instead bury the unpleasantness. Well, the subconscious never forgets regardless of how well you brainwashed yourself with positive affirmations. Our Mind, Body & Spirits’ intentions have to be “in alignment” for those magical manifestations to be realized. In my next blog I’ll discuss how our intentions can affect other people, how other peoples intentions can affect us, and how to manage this.


Karma Is Energy

No longer philosophy among new-agers and quantum physicists, literally everything within our world is energy.  Each atom empty but for swirling votices of subtle energy.  It is no misinterpretation of ancient script that Karma is an Energy within us, creating our path and person.  It is understanding this fact that helps us to understand Karma: low-frequency vibrations emanating out from within.

Quantum physics does a pretty good “Western” style job of explaining spirituality.   Many of the spiritual teachings being validated by scientists and researcher facilities.  There is no doubt of the subtle energies around and within us, detectable and measurable.  As most of us are now aware, illness in our physical body is directly related to our Spirit/Energetic/Emotion Body.  We create emotions (Emotions-energy_in_motion) within this body.   As we see with trauma or abuse victims, these energies/emotions can stick with us, become trapped in our energetic body, if no chance for emotional resolve is possible.   And in fact, these trapped emotions can be passed from generation to generation.   This is family/genetic Karma.  We see this on a more physical level when dis-eases seem to be passed down in a family, yet there are no (physical) genetic markers to explain how.   Its Karmic.  It is an energy being inherited.

People also come into my office sensing they have some “bad karma or something” where the same issue or imbalance keeps showing up in their life.   Some think they have “bad luck”   My first intention is to help them understand there is no bad luck, and they are not being punished.   Let me be very clear:Karma Is Not A Punishment.  It is an energetic distortion that is emanating from within, and as within so without.  Basic Law of Attraction stuff.   It is a trapped emotion screaming for healing, the way an ingrown toenail screams for relief.

Sacred teachings shows Karma as lessons and opportunities to heal.   This idea of punishment is again, new-age misinterpretations.  Thankfully the majority seems to be moving past this notion.   Karma is a dis-ease, not a punishment.  Though understandably, dis-ease often feels like punishment.

Whether you commit an unethical act, or were the victim of one (We do NOT control other people, we are not responsible for others mistakes, another cheap interpretation of ancient Law of Attraction teachings) you are likely to accrue Karmic energy.   Sometimes the victim accumulates more of these dense energies, sometimes the perpetrator does, it really depends on each’s emotional state and tribal support at the time, however both will accrue Karma: an energetic distortion within the body that must now be resolved.   And as Sacred Healing, meditation and shamanism, and social connection is at an all time low here in the West, the Karmic energy is building within us.  I hope I am explaining this clearly: Karma is NOT a punishment.  It is unresolved energetic degree/emotional baggage/trapped emotions stuck within our Spirit.

So concepts like “The Secret” are circling around these teachings, and people are realizing that all these affirmations and fake positive thinking are not actually resolving anything.   In fact, positive thinking tends to cause deeper suppression.   It’s a new age form of what old men used to do: bury their feelings so deep until they had a heart attack at 60.

Some people turn to hypnotherapy or NLP to help fix their dis-ease or imbalance.   At best, these band-aids wear off within weeks.   At worse, they successfully suppress the emotions until they come out in uglier more urgent ways, or even worse still, laying dormant until the next incarnation.   If reincarnation is your belief, then you’d better believe it will be another lifetime with this Karma.  Our physical bodies are left behind but our spirit and its wounds are eternal.  And these energetic wounds stay with us until we finally heal them.   When people say “Must be Karma from a past life” others laugh as though they did something horrible in a past life.  Maybe they did, maybe they were the victim, maybe they inherited the emotion.  Either way, it is no punishment.  It is calling for healing.

Aside from feeling into the energetic body, an experienced Shaman should be able to connect with your subconscious, which is all aware of your spirit wounds, bring these distortions up and into your conscious mind, and then clear them out.   It is a permanent clearing.   And it is deeply sacred work.   Much like Baptism, it is a cleansing of past “sins”   I am a scientific Shaman (ahaha) and I can tell you, it is a measurable and obvious change.  Usually the persons actual physical appearance changes after even 1 clearing session,  When I do these healing, I bring up the specific emotion and time it occurred, to restore the memory in the clients conscious mind.    Be wary of the con-man healer who uses vague guesses and universally applicable messages.  There is no  guessing and no placebo effect when working with a Shaman.  It doesn’t even matter if you totally believe or have high hopes because it is not placebo effect.   It is actual, permanent healing of Karma.   Life is supposed to be effortless, spontaneous, harmonious.  When Karmic energy is cleared, it now becomes so.   When we clear we need things like Reiki less often because we are now creating our own healthy high vibrations easily.  The ripple effect of clearing Karma is never-ending and often surprising in positive benefits.  This is true healing and its impact on the self and the whole run deeper than many still realize.

Are You a Shaman?

The title of Shaman has been pushed out of medicine, much to Westerners detriment.   Those who’s mission is to heal through Spirit and Earth, God and Gaia, those born with a healers heart, had to choose from allopathic roles in attempt to live out their soul purpose and heart desire.  Nurses, PSWs, DSWs, therapists, etc, are some common fields shaman-spirits have settled for.  Yet, many of them are left with the knowing that this is not the way they wanted to help or heal.   Confusion sets in as they yearn to be in the healing fields, yet what they see and do on the job gives them no satisfaction.   They are likely incarnated Shamans.  Are you a Shaman?   Here are some key traits I have noticed of my fellow Shamans

1) You Are An Introvert

Shamans have a rich inner life, we dance between worlds all day, and it is damn well exhausting.  We also have heightened awareness and sensation, which means we need more time to process it all.   And aside from that, people who haven’t unlocked their potential can be… annoying.  I know this sounds judge-y, but consider how you feel after hanging out with kids all day.   It’s not meant to put anyone above or below anyone else, we are each learning different things at our own pace.   But the reality is, the majority’s scattered energy and thoughts are tiring and annoying after a while.   Were typically old souls.  We love you youngins’ but after dark go home, we need tea and quiet, just like Grandma.   Ill send you off with a kiss and some cookies but hurry up and go already!

2) Nature Is Necessary

It truly is our church.  The vibration of true, unadulterated nature is the only place that feels like home.  When man-made world pulls our frequency down too low,  we need to recharge off Gaia.  It is re-charges our entire being, balances our mind, body and soul.

3) You Don’t Need Validation 

Long story short, we don’t care what others think as far as ego related reasons go.  Yes, I get upset if my friend calls me mean, because I care about how I affected her. I care about my impact, as opposed to my reputation.  We feel out what is ours and what is yours, instead of getting defensive or hurt.  We tend to respond instead of react.  Our goals are to be of service to humanity, so if we know we are doing good in the world, we are at peace, even if our truths hurt your little ego and you don’t like us anymore.  You will never hear someone with a healers heart say their top goal is fame, fortune, power etc.  This is so 3D.   We answer to God and Gaia, if they’re happy with us, then we are happy with us.

4) You Know Deep Inside You Are To Help Heal Humanity

Each Shaman has his own gifts and purpose.  Whether it is to help animals, children, adults or Gaia, we are here to make things better.   You may not know how yet, but you feel it.  How we are meant to help is usually revealed along the path.  Don’t wait to figure it all out,  start with one small step.  Always just one small step at a time.  It all leads back to our contribution to shift humanity back into higher consciousness.  Every bit contributes.  Beware of “healers” who think life is all sunshine and rainbows. If you can’t accept and expose the dark, you have not accepted the state of emergency humanity and Gaia are in.  If a ‘healer’ is uncomfortable in the dark, how can they be familiar with it? Healers and Shamans see clearly societies ills and are compelled to bring attention to darkness.  We may sometimes sound negative but really, we’re focused on what needs help.   Collective consciousness means we are all in this together, if you need a “positive vibes only” bubble around you, if you’re too scared to speak uncomfortable truths, Shamanism is not for you.  See number 3;)

5) You’ve Had a Difficult Path

The kind of difficult path you don’t share often.  It is sacred and private and made you who you are today.    Our Saturn transit finishes in our mid-30’s and because the Shaman has so much about life, pain and healing to learn, we are not ready for our healing roles until after this transit, our mid-30’s.  Unfortunately, most of today’s Shamans are already established in their careers at this point and too afraid to follow their newfound calling.  Just do it, please realize your potential.   The other half are hopelessly depressed and looking for their purpose.  There is no section for ‘Shaman’ when taking a career aptitude test, but that just may be what you are.   Be brave and follow your heart.

6) You’re Energetically Sensitive & Have Mastered Your Own 

And this includes emotions (energy-in-motion).  I’ve felt & heard electricity since childhood.  Mom couldn’t understand why I’d complain about hearing the electricity, hear a light on etc.  I can feel peoples emotions if I choose to tune into them, and sometimes regardless if the energy is strong.  Many Highly Sensitive People (HSP) think they are Empaths.  While HSPs are beginning to feel subtle energies, they are still energetically weak or inexperienced.  It’s like the kindergarten of Empath school.  Yep, you’re feeling stuff but it’s knocking your energetic field over.  I find HSPs’ personal energy fields  to be easily overridden and manipulated.   I can, if I’m being honest, give a HSP anxiety or peace without talking or touching just by directing the frequency their way,  they are actually more easily manipulated than the average Joe, because they are highly feeling (making them easy targets for users and manipulators)  HSPs are the people getting emotionally manipulated and taken advantage of while claiming to be an Empath.  They claim they are givers and just care too much, but really they’re martyrs or co-dependent with little insight.  They may feel others pain, but they don’t know how to maturely handle it.  Empaths see through bullshit, we don’t get duped, and also see #3.   I have a lot of influence over the energy in a room, not the other way around.   Mature Shamans and Empaths have cultivated their energies, learned to control them (including emotions), and manage them before we burn out.  We’re typically calm and satisfied, as opposed to the emotionally frazzled and often distressed HSP.   A Shamans ability to sense, intuit, and work with subtle energies is what makes us of service.

7) You Are Spiritually Gifted With A Siddhis”

Basically, you’re psychic & intuitive.   Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscent, Clairempathy, Channeling etc     You just know stuff

8) People Have Always Called you Weird

Or a freak, or a loner.  You get the picture.  You don’t fit in.  I was called weird my whole life (“In a good way Heather” did sort of help the sting)   I didn’t see it but others did.  It wasn’t until my 30’s that I realized I was operating from a different place than my peers.  If you feel different, you probably are.  Embrace it, and if you’re having a hard time doing that, read #3 again.



a person who has access to Spirit and Intuition, can go into trance states of consciousness and encourage healing on the energetic level, believes all healing is through God and Gaia, that the body has the ability to self-heal & self-repair through innate intelligence 

Recognizing The Patterns Of Unseen Emotional Baggage

Clients most often come in with reoccurring issues that they’ve finally had enough of.  This is typical in my wellness practice and others, be it therapy or counselling or guidance of any kind.   We reach out when we recognize a pattern in our life but cant figure out the whys and hows.

These patterns may be string of lovers who always cheat, or partners who don’t value us.  It could be someone with a pattern of losing jobs for the same reason.
Anxiety that’s been plaguing an individual for years despite therapy.
A history of toxic friendships or general lack of motivation.   Or  people with a pattern of substance abuse or addiction.
You get the drift    A common theme that shows up in ones life.
Regardless of the repeating issue,  my process is always the same with these types of healing sessions
Uncovering the root of the pattern.    I do this by connecting to THE CLIENTS SUBCONSCIOUS via the Quantum field.    Of coarse I’m an “intuitive healer”, however these are very specific distortions & issues buried in THE CLIENTS subconscious
After muscle testing we narrow down the exact trapped frequency (which corresponds to an emotion, each one has its own specific frequency) we permanently clear the issue through the governing meridian, our meridian from where all others lead into. The Law Of Attraction is a pretty accurate concept (maybe misunderstood) but it is our frequency that is creating our experience.     Affirmations are nice little reminders of our goals, and counselling can maybe uncover issues after months or years
But at Reiki and Alternative Healing, we get right to the point.    And then we actually clear it, people can literally feel the emotion as it’s brought up.   It doesn’t matter if the client 100% believes it will bring changes or not because it is Actually Energy Healing, we are ACTUALLY removing the distortions from you energetic body, just as real as removing a splinter or tumor.   The results we see using these techniques with animals shows this isn’t a hypnotherapy scam whereby we trick your subconscious for a few weeks until it fades, we really do healing work and the effects multiply over time as the body’s frequency restores to its divine state.  Across the globe these quantum clearing sessions are popular with expensive show and race horses with huge documented success.  I’ve personally worked on several rescue animals and the instant changes are incredible, going from traumatized or despaired, to secure and friendly.    This is true Law Of Attraction.    If you want more information on clearing limiting beliefs and blocks, leaving unseen emotional baggage in the past then check out Emotion Code Healing with Dr.Bradley Nelson or my website for a better understanding of how and why this is true healing.   As a self-healing shaman, Reiki healer, certified EC healer and general Energy Medicine Practitioner who’s been doing this professionally for years, personally for over 20, I have seen hundreds naturally heal disruptions in their life in profound and meaningful ways.   From clearing blocks to love or money, to healing physical dis-eases in the body, & mental health relief of coarse too, this is spirit science🖤  And it’s quicker and cheaper than therapy or years of pills.  Much more effective too, but that’s just my opinion;)   It simply works, and it works profoundly starting from the first session.  Once the trapped emotion is cleared, it doesn’t come back, and in natural and often unexpected ways, we become in alignment with our desires or state of health and balance.
If you’re done repeating lessons and ready to actually change direction, find a legitimate healer and begin this process of clearing and ascension.

Save Your Throat Chakra

I’ve done healing’s with, primarily women, who have very weak throat chakras, sometimes resulting in dis-ease, loss of voice, thyroid dysfunction etc.   I always ask the same question “Are you ‘pleading’ with a partner?”    Only once was it not the case, a middle school teacher who of coarse had to talk & repeat all day.   Otherwise, same story, people who are all talk & no action.  People truly do hear the first time and either choose to ignore, ‘misunderstand’, or make irrelevant excuses.  I’ve lived this myself.   While I was married I constantly had a sore throat, strep throat, viral infections, loss of voice etc.   Because I was constantly pleading and repeating myself, thinking eventually I would be heard, … but I was already heard.   If you wonder why everyone else understands, but this person never does?  Its on purpose.   For no reason should you ever need to repeat, plead or explain basic courtesy and boundaries   Now, when I encounter someone who doesn’t seem to “hear” me the first time, I walk away.  My physical throat dis-eases and illness’s naturally healed when I stopped talking so much and starting acting, or simply explain once and leave them to figure out the rest.   Haven’t had throat issues since I stopped the pleading and just took action.    Our physical dis-eases and illnesses point to where we need healing within our energetic bodies.

Life’s too short to explain toddler-level  lessons to an adult, or repeat our needs to someone who just doesn’t care.   It takes too much effort to keep explaining the same thing to a friend or family member.   And sometimes we allow our selves to be lied to or gas-lighted because we keep trying to plead or mentally reach a partner, instead of realizing your wasting your breath because they are playing dumb or playing you for a chump;)   All talk and no action is not balanced, and the throat energy center  (or “chakra” if you’re Hindu) is what suffers.   It’s so much simpler and productive to say it once and then act accordingly.   Hard pill to swallow, but we teach people how to treat us.   Our partners, friends, family and children, all relationships.   At this point in life people know I say things once and action follows.   If you repeat what you say, you’ve taught them not to listen🖤

My Mental Health Journey

By the time I was a tween I had a full blown anxiety disorder.   Momma sent me to the family Doctor who wrongly diagnosed me with Bi-polar syndrome and swiftly put me on a chemical cocktail: Lithium every day, half a Zolaft every day, Paxil on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.   If Momma knew then what she knows now,… well it was a different time.   The 90’s.    The beginning of the family medical practices being instructed to push mental health meds on the public    Boys on Ritalin Girls on Prozac.   Its the new and improved lobotomy.    I remember getting so fucked up on these meds, and “they” said it was because I was getting older and my bi polar was worsening….. maybe more pills will help. I ended up in the Norris Wing, the old mental health hospital unit in my town.    I remember so clearly, even on the concoction of mind-numbing-personality-changing-drugs,  “I don’t belong here! This place is bad   This place is bad”   I pleaded with the “professionals” to please take me off these drugs, to change them, anything.  As a rebellious teen, I could care less of their opinion, I KNEW this wasn’t good for me.  They refused to have empathy and continued telling my teachers and caregivers this regimen was best for me, to not give in to my pleas, to ensure I took my drugs every day.    By the time I was 16 I flushed all my drugs down the toilet, vowed never again    At 16 I knew this was wrong, that there HAD to be another way.     I was already into my crystals and earthy ways, believed in God & started honestly trying to connect with him.  I instinctively knew to spend massive amounts of time in nature alone.    I began meditating without even realizing it    My shrink told me it was mal-adaptive and said it had a label “Mal-adaptive imagination time” and “magical thinking”.   But it was the only time anxiety wasn’t eating me alive so I stopped seeing him too.   Stopped all involvement with medical mental health.     All they ever did was tell me I had disorders, was mal-adaptive, more wrong than I was already telling myself.   They took a troubled girl and made her feel broken beyond repair, sick, wrong in every way.    Of coarse my anxiety only worsened with age   By the time I was in my 20’s and having kids, It had peaked, & it was dangerous.   I was getting physically sick from it, viruses all the time, bacterial infections and headaches, weekly outbursts of rage or fear or sadness.  My bodies were in crisis.  There was no quality of life, and I didn’t like who I had become   Most days I could manage it but other days…aggressive, erratic, shaking with fear.  I hated myself for being an impatient woman.   This wasn’t me, I knew I was a good person and I just needed help or something    Trying to find someone who could actually help became my focus.   I found a few local Reiki healers but this was way over their heads.  The entire appointment I felt like I was there to teach them.   So I kept praying, please i’m looking, help me find help.   And eventually connected with a Shaman a few hours away.   We talked a lot that day.  He did the Emotion Code Clearing on me.   Together we eventually cleared over 200 emotions from my energetic body, many inherited from mom or dad.   We inherit energetic codes just like we do DNA.   Western medicine can’t (or won’t) figure out how these mental dis-eases are passed down as their is often no indication or markers in the physical genes, but acknowledge there is a hereditary factor at play.  Its Energetic.   It’s a frequency we copy.  Adopted children even display the same “vibes”  as their birth parents, whether or not they have ever met.  It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon.  This is why we have the same mannerisms of our same-gendered parent too.  We inherit the good stuff as well.

Western society is one of few that doesn’t regularly practice energetic hygiene.   Medical Experts and Scientists alike are waking up now though.  Some want to stay stuck, this is all too “Witch Doctory” for their already crowded minds.   Some who truly have a healers heart have understood this their entire career, yet have to keep it quite or risk losing their reputation.   On the medical research front, we have physicists actually studying these crafts now, as the field of quantum physics become increasingly popular.   Papers and articles are being written, letting the public know the wonders of the quantum field.  I mean we all  know and accept now, we are pure energy in a very real way, nothing but spinning vortexes of condensed energy visible under magnification.  Becoming undeniable, our energetic body is the beginning factor to physical & mental health.
After my healing with this ACTUAL healer, my whole life changed. I learned from other healers as well and continued to self heal.  I fell into alignment and within 2 years my whole life looked different.   I no longer was physically sick, never needed to go back to pills. I lost a lot of people and found my tribe.  I’m proud of myself. I have peace.  I kept following my instinct to find alternative healing.   And I’m still human. I have days when anxiety makes an appearance.  I’m human, I’m subject to the entire spectrum of emotions!  Being a healer doesn’t take away my empathetic ability of connected consciousness.   Empaths have anxiety because shits’ messed up!  And we feel it!!!! But it’s now a more useful emotion, and I now have all kinds of loving ways to soothe myself.   It only stays for a couple days, usually so mild only my mother can tell.   And I have peace through the storm now, knowing I have the power to love, soothe, and heal myself.   “Ill be fine in a few days” I remind myself, and I use my anxiety as an excuse to take a vacay.  Its become almost enjoyable!  Being an energy medicine practitioner doesn’t take away my humanness.   It helps me be human.   It helps me cope with this very unnatural harsh reality, this dimension we humans have made such a mess of.  It keeps me healthy and centered so I can be of service and help out in this world.   Its also helped me find & live my best life.   I didn’t say perfect.  I said My Best.   My personal best.  I’m grateful I learned to accept my humanness, rather that mask it with pills or “pink hearts” and fake smiles. I share this because I know how debilitating an imbalanced mind is, how exhausting it is, how it limits your life.   And I just want you to know
There are others ways to soothe the mind    Simpler, more enjoyable ways of healing.   But you have to relax and let yourself believe it.     This is step one   Because whether you think you can, or you think you cant, you’re right🖤

Different Types Of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a method of healing where a practitioner transmits healing Subtle Energy, usually through the hands. There are many types of subtle energies and techniques for passing it along or clearing it out.


Reiki is just the label a Japanese man gave to the art of energy channeling. I am grateful he did, because it’s given people in the West a label to help us collectively accept our energetic body, which is connected to God/Source, just as much as we have a physical body connected to Gaia/Earth. When I give Reiki, I first bring myself into an energetically sound place, get into prayer/connection mode (in a theta brain wave), then pray to have my crown chakra opened. Now connected to Source, energy flows into my crown & being, then out my hands. I can feel my crown open and my heart pump harder, my body tingles, then I begin moving my hands around a bit to feel the flow. At this point I begin giving the Reiki/channeled energy. You have given me permission to connect energetically, and this energy is passed from me to you, like a tuning fork.  I can see energy often during the session, but I mostly keep my eyes closed so I can feel the energy. This tells me more than colorful light emissions. I can feel pain or strength before the client informs me. I scan and observe the aura more-so during our initial talk or counselling, just to see where they’re at emotionally, and to gauge how strong or weak their bio-magnetic & electric field is.

During a session, as my crown is open, I receive insights and messages to relay to the client. Every practitioner is different, but I’m certainly not woo-la-la in my approach. The insights and revelations and information given always resonate in a very realistic way for the client. During my sessions I often feel into each major energetic center (Chakras) to see where you’re at in that area of life, and then fill each one with high vibration energy. (I never mess with others’ crown Chakra and advise those I can tell have allowed someone else to, to stop. This is your connection to God/Source, and he doesn’t need a Healers help. This is also why it is said you cannot open your own crown chakra, that God does it when you’re ready. If you are unsure if yours opens, say a prayer. Do you feel connected to God? Do you feel his Love or comfort? If so, it is being opened during prayer. It’s like God turned on the connection like a light switch and will do so more often the more you spend time in prayer and meditation. It always closes during times of anger and harsh emotion, even with me. This is why it is said “God does not dwell in an angry home” Its not that anger is always bad, it can be quite productive when done right, however the 2 frequencies do not mesh) I don’t control the frequency, I’m simply a conductor from God/Source to You, as most people have lost their own ability to connect and channel at this point in human history. Though I don’t specifically say this to clients at first, my personal goal in this work is raise human consciousness so that everyone can have their own connection and channel on their own. Each session is a little different, but this is the basis of what Reiki is: A person who is of high vibration, who has acquired control over their own brainwaves (streams of consciousness) with opened crown, acting as conductor and passing the high vibration frequencies on to the client.


Where Reiki is giving energy, Emotion Code Clearing is taking away. Using a technique called “applied kinesiology” (a fancy word for what we Shamans simply call “muscle testing”) we uncover subconscious blocks and trapped emotions and clear them out through the governing meridian. Its a powerful way to rid ourselves of unseen energetic baggage permanently, often resulting in the disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship problems. We rid trapped emotions that have become part of the spirit body either in your lifetime, or inherited. (Just as we inherit physically, we can inherit energetically. Knowing this helps us understand why & how non-genetic conditions are passed down. I call them spiritually inherited dis-eases) We figure out what specific harmful emotion (Energy-in-Motion) is trapped, as well as the exact year it happened via muscle testing. Simply put, I ask questions and test your muscle strength to get answers from your subconscious. This technique alone has helped many to understand what is either causing or contributing to their dis-ease, without needing dozens of counselling sessions or often incorrect lab work. Once the emotion and time frame are realized, the actual incident which caused the trapped emotion is brought back into the clients conscious mind instinctively. So lets say a client comes in with a sore shoulder, evening anxiety, whatever. I muscle test to see if a trapped emotion is causing the disturbance. Then I figure out what year it became lodged. At this point the client often remarks “Yea that’s about the time it started hurting/happening” I ask the client to tell me what was happening that year and the answer is then brought into conscious awareness, “Oh yea, that’s the year my wife left me. I was devastated.” Sometimes were not exactly sure what happened the year we narrowed it down to. That’s okay, either a hidden memory or something so minor we don’t think it was significant. Sometimes things as simple as being called “Stupid!” by a neighbor can cause a trapped emotion, and a major life event doesn’t. Its not so much the severity of the event that causes the trapped emotion, as it is our ability to emotionally resolve it instead of feeding and holding onto it. True, the worse the event the harder it may be to resolve, so we do see major events coming up more often. However in some sessions it sometimes appears to be minor things that had major effects. It’s a pretty remarkable process, to have a long buried memory brought up and realized for processing. At this point the emotion has been brought to conscious awareness. We can now clear it out. Using a magnet and focused intention I run the magnet along their governing meridian (which all meridians are connected to) to bring out the trapped emotion. I sometimes instead use a specific Quartz crystal for clearing, some respond better to the strong balanced magnet, others clear better with the Quartz. The client often feels the emotion as its being brought to the surface, but relief immediately after clearing. I can usually tell while running the magnet, if the emotion has been cleared by the sigh of relief or deep breaths the client takes during clearing, or the body suddenly becomes soft and sways. I then test the body one more time making sure we released the emotion, and voila, this harmful low vibe energy is now out of your being. It does not return, it is just done. In my opinion, this is the most effective and legitimate form of energy clearing currently, and also the most important part of energy hygiene currently for us Westerners. We are full of trapped emotions and passing them down to each generation. It’s obvious just from looking around, that people around here are getting more unstable, yet we are living in the most abundant times. It’s simply unstable or low vibration frequencies. Its keeping us mentally, physically & spiritually sick. Reiki is nourishing, fun, relaxing, but it we cannot heal our back if the knife is still in it.  True, it raises our frequency for easier healing of the physical, it can sustain us until the problem is gone. But we need to clear out. The process of clearing emotions is not new in most cultures. Shamanism is timeless,  and clearing is seen as routine hygiene.  This emotion code technique has taken these leanings and categorized it for clarity, tested it using new technology like subtle energy detectors, and organized it into a health-care like service.


This is the energy of Gaia. It is the subtle energy produced by Earth. It’s not the same as channeled Source/God energy, which is channeled through an open crown chakra from Source. This is the energy that is all around us, stronger in some places than others. It is the energy we see in Kirlian photography. It’s in the air we breathe. In big cities there is very little nature and so very little Ki/Chi/Prana/Universal Life Force (all the same thing in different languages) This is why we feel so yucky after being in a busy city. Produced by Gaia, it is abundant in nature, hence we feel so healthy after walking in the woods or sitting by the beach. When we eat fresh food, we are ingesting life force as a nutrient. The sooner off the vine, the higher the life force within the fruit. When I do “Quantum Touch” what I am doing is directing this life force to the client. There are many forms of bringing Ki medicine to a client, I just call it Quantum Touch. There are some really cool studies done on how intention alone directs photons and consequently, Ki and subtle energies. Albert Einsteins “double slit” experiment highlights this phenomenon. Simplified, the experiment was set up so there were 2 slits in a material. Using nothing but intention, Mr. Einstein showed that by simply deciding or intending, the photons would go through that slit. So if he set up that test-round so that he wanted the photons go through the right slit, simply by thinking of them flowing though the right slit, they did. Many experiments replicate what Einstein already knew, our thoughts have a direct impact on the physical. It starts on the quantum level. The quantum field has long been a source of theories and wonder. Now as science advances, what others have mocked in past is now being studied and proven by physicists and scientists across the globe. Quantum touch is something most anyone can do, and I often teach parent clients this technique to help heal sick little ones. This Life force is needed by all living animals and plants. Feeling low energy, groggy, slow to heal or think, is often just a lack of Ki.

While there are many forms of Energy Medicine, such as electric pulses used in trauma centers to stabilize brainwaves, or defibrillators used to jump start the hearts electric pulse pattern, to frequency emitters that were used to heal tumors, to sound-wave medical technology, Energy is clearly an important part of healing. Our energetic bodies need nourishment and health if we want our physical bodies to flourish. And as we are also part of the Quantum Field, having a clear & balanced Spirit is imperative to our experience. A clear and healthy Spirit contributes to a clear and healthy life.