Shaman/Energy Medicine Practitioner

Spiritual & Holistic Counselor

Meditation Coach

Certified Emotion Code & Reiki Practitioner 

I am asked often “How did you get to this point?” “How did you become a Shaman?”   The easy answer is, it was a calling.  It was a desire to live out my purpose, as with anyone who’s living theirs.  It wasn’t something I was knew I was being trained for until around 29-30 years old.  Before then, it was felt as more a secret, sometimes a curse.   The path to Shamanism is a self-led path.  As it would have to be, Shamanism is all about intuition and tuning in.  Clearly there are no living “ancestors” around to teach me the ancient ways, and so it was put in my heart young to start looking for answers.   Meditation was something I did naturally as far back as I remember, though it wasn’t until fourth grade when a teacher tried to teach our class about meditation to help calm the students, that I learned this word, “meditation”  for tuning into different streams of consciousness.    I’ve always been able to tune into my intuition and insights in a way that, much to my confusion, my peers were not.   Being an Empath made public school painful.  The atmosphere was harsh and erratic, and I had little control over my own energetic/emotional body at that age.  By high school I had full fledged mental dis-ease.  After trying out several allopathic medications I eventually realized that pills wouldn’t help, and the professionals were just guessing.  The calling in my heart grew.   I am clearly not the only one in this society with such distress, this cannot be how humans are meant to live.   Too much suffering, too much illness, something’s not right!    Throughout the next decade I met with Healers, Shamans, Counselors and Doctors, I read as much as I could, became educated in areas of consciousness, the human condition, how the brain works, quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings, and eventually, realized that there is some kind of tie between the things I had been studying, and the spirit body I had been working on.  By 30 I had my “awakening”    Abilities were heightened and I knew I was to somehow help as an energy healer, and to get clear on what that really means.  Dreams and signs always pushing me to learn more, make more connections.  Sometimes I wonder if this is my true contribution, helping decode what, on a simple but scientific level, is happening.  Clearly there are “gifted” people but even they didn’t seem to understand what they were doing or how.  When I was 16 I was hanging out with some women who owned a new aged-type shop.  I asked them how the crystals were so magical?  I know they are, I can feel energy and they clearly felt special, but why?   No one had a proper answer.  That really bugged me, I’m just as much left-brained as I am right so all the mystery behind healing left me intrigued. I can figure anything out if I really want to, and I really wanted to.   With very little to go on, I continued looking for answers until I stumbled across various wisdom teachings that were in alignment with my search.  So many great teachers and healers mentored me, or wrote books for anyone to learn from.  A chiropractor gave me my first Emotion Code healing and I literally felt lifetimes of Karma released, my whole life changed quickly, as my vibration had changed drastically.  In the meantime I was also doing lots of volunteer and paid work in the community as a Developmental Service Worker, which helped further develop my Siddha, along with Kundalini Yoga and various other practices.  I took psychology courses and studied even more independently.  Shamanism really is a way of life.   I also got involved in some local groups much to my disappointment.   Here I was excited to meet others who may help fill in the blanks.  That was definitely not the case, they were the typical “Woo LaLa” types who had no insight into what they were parroting.  This only fueled my fire.   These types are making energy healing into a joke, no wonder people are hesitant to try it.   Now I was serious, I took reputable courses and certifications in the field of energy medicine and began making my own contributions too.  Eventually, after years of healing privately and covertly, I decided it was time to open up my services to the public.  I continue my self-study but I also now have a large network of intelligent and conscious colleagues who I can relate with.  It is a huge relief to see the mass awakening happening at this time, and I can see I am right where I am supposed to be. Shamanism is a way of life, I really cannot say that enough.   It is not a job, it’s a purpose.  It’s a responsibility.  It’s a natural path to take when it is who you are.   I am so grateful to myself and the Universe that everything I needed to learn was so meticulously put on my path, and that I trusted myself enough to reject the hesitation and fear of going off the beaten path.  How did I get to this point?   By following my heart and listening to my intuition, and of coarse putting in loads of effort, studying and practicing.  The same method that will bring you to your true purpose as well.  


1 hour session



2 hour session, highly recommended for meaningful shifts and deep insight


Proxy Healing


Distance healing session using Facetime for those who cannot make it into the healing space

 Fascia Release Therapeutic Massage


This light Massage is popular in the East.  It stimulates the fascia and energetic pathways for improved circulation & a Relaxed & Re Energized Spirit.  Includes Acupressure and Reflexology where needed.  Done silently by practitioner, a reflective and healing, even meditative massage.