Alternative Healer

Spiritual & Holistic Counselling

Meditation & Technique Teacher 

Certified Emotion Code & Reiki Practitioner 

Reiki And Alternative Healing is a healing practice where one finds the answers that cannot be found with traditional therapies or medicine. Heather is a nationally trusted, no nonsense Shaman with a background in energy medicine and counselling. One session with Heather will open you up to your divine nature, and the discoveries made about ones-self are life changing.

note:   If you are looking for an entertaining experience, where you can indulge in fantasia, there are many other Reiki practitioners that may be better suited.  This is a space of reverence where we are working on the Spirit body and discovering root causes of our dis-eases and distress, healing ancestral Karma and doing deep soul work  Thank You

Will I need to have previous knowledge or experience before beginning with Heather?

All that one needs is a desire to heal, grow or learn. Heather meets with clients at every level and will teach as she goes along.

What does a session entail?

Each session is tailored to the individual. Some are far along the spiritual journey and need guidance to open up their gifts and abilities. Some clients have mental health concerns and finding little help with traditional therapies, and want to learn new self-help management going forward.  Others want to find the source of the distortions and heal them. Some feel blocked or are carrying baggage from the past, in these cases we clear the karmic debris and learn to manifest with success. Some prefer just body-work, and enjoy a meditative fascia massage while Heather de-stresses the physical body & re-balances the energetic body. Some are burnt-out and come in monthly for a rejuvenating Reiki session, where we also bring the client into a meditative state, allowing insights, clarity and even visions to surface. In most sessions Heather will muscle test the subconscious for answers, channel Ki energy or rely messages the clients need to hear. Sessions can be 1 hour or 1.5, however the time goes by fast and the longer session will allow for deep shifts to take place and are recommended for new clients. Heather wants to teach people how to open up to their own abilities and will teach you how to become your own guide. We’re all gifted, and we all need help from time to time. Even if one is unsure what they may need to level-up, just, or cant quite put their finger on what’s “wrong”, Heather will shine a light on their journey. You’ll leave feeling at peace, likely euphoric, and on track to fulfill their goals and potential, both in Spirit and Flesh.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

There is no “need” or set amount of sessions one must do. Every session will generate a shift and some are looking to do deeper work than others. Many Just want 1 session to help with a specific concern or block. Some want monthly sessions as a part of their self-care regimen. Others are committed to clearing the energetic body and Heart-Wall, or even do ancestral work and come in for years. The journey is personal and there is no right or wrong number. Every session stands alone as a complete healing, and will lead to unimaginable, seemingly magical changes in their life. It’s up to the individual to decide how many layers to clear, or how deeply they want to heal in this lifetime.



1 hour session



 highly recommended for meaningful shifts and deep insight




Distance healing session using Facetime for those who cannot make it into the healing space



This light Massage is popular in the East.  It smooths & stimulates the fascia, known as “The lines of Pull” for our energetic pathways.  Fascia has many roles both physically & metaphysically.  Left neglected, we begin to feel restricted, tense, sore, repressed or agitated.  A quiet experience that will leave you feeling re-energized and in alignment.