My Mental Health Journey

Let me just preface this by saying it is not easy for me to publicly share my story. That’s kind of the thing with being a survivor of childhood abuse, there is a shame that stays with you, and the feeling that you are betraying your family for exposing the family dynamic. This guilt cannot be underestimated. Its what keeps people quiet, stuck and prevents the pattern from being broken. With the amount of mental health issues and sickness and complete disconnect from ourselves and others in western society today, we need to shed some light. Parenting and attachment are the most important factors in how healthy a person, and eventually a society is. Doing ancestral and Karmic work for some years now, I understand, and even empathize with many of these emotionally immature parents. If you look back over recent human history, it was a predictable outcome.

Emotionally immature, the core issue in abusive and negligent parents. The inability to regulate ones emotions. A person who has a hard time putting someone else’s needs before their wants. Pleasant emotions are limited to superficial levels. Doing things without care or realization of how it will effect others. Inconsistent in word and action. An inability to predict future outcomes. An inability to sense needs in another. A wounded and underdeveloped ego. Emotional Immaturity was the cause of my terrible childhood, on both my parents part. It has caused me severe mental health issues beginning in childhood, and I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to teach and grow and re-parent myself, while healing the deep wounds that came from having emotionally immature parents.

Emotionally immature parents can look many ways. Remember, its not a personality, its a lack of emotional fitness that can actually be gained at any time in life, if a person chooses to self-improve. For my parents, well it’s 2 stories really. They each were selfish and wouldn’t put the needs of the children before their own. Ill start with Mother. Mom loved the drugs and alcohol. I was born addicted to crack, and she was high on LSD while she went into labour. Clearly this woman had no intentions of caring for me, but anyway. I was breach and she was high and back then they put a woman to sleep to do a C-section. They were worried to do so, because she was hallucinating and the fact that Crack was still somewhat new to them, it was 1982, and so they just tried to pull me out. Obviously, I nearly died. They dislocated my hip in the process and after all that, decided to put her under and cut me out finally. This was an appropriate intro to the reality I was about to encounter.

I was born into Toronto housing and poverty. I’ve been in so many shelters I refer to myself as a shelter dog, probably a good person but all fucked up from the past. My parents split a couple years later. My only memory of them being together is them yelling and screaming at each other. Dad wanted to become a born again Baptist, Mom was ready to get the party started. Neither of them even adults at this point. The scenery of my neighbourhood still makes me queasy. Addicts everywhere, violence, homeless people in our apartment stairways, literal human shit everywhere because why use a bathroom when your basically an animal. Cockroaches will always trigger me. You couldn’t look at a wall for more than 3 seconds without seeing at least one scurry by. At night, they would crawl all over the dark walls and eventually onto us. The scenery matched the circumstance. Obviously as a vulnerable and neglected little blond girl in the Hood, I was a target for all kinds of assaults.

Life was chaotic with Mom. The dangerous or harmful men she allowed into our house always confused to me. I would ask her “Mom!! why do you let them in? Why do you have boyfriends?” It really didn’t make sense to me. She would neglect our needs and safety for the sake of having a man. Obviously, us children suffered at the hand of some of these dudes, but her only concern was herself. This is emotional immaturity in action. Aside from the constant outbursts and mind-fucking punishments, there was serious hunger, knocking on peoples doors for food, humiliation, as there was no empathy, and the constant threat of danger. I don’t know how anyone could be surprised that I grew up to have some serious issues. I took the brunt of Moms abuse and even though I was the second born, I was the Parentified One. My sister pointed out this was just like in Moms’ childhood home. Mom, the oldest got away with everything and her younger sister became the target and servant. I was also deeply sensitive and empathetic, so even when the abuse wasn’t directed at me, I felt it. So ya, cue spoiled brat complaints now: I spent most of my childhood being yelled at and threatened and hurt and taking care of her next couple of kids, One having FAS, and cleaning up whatever messes in life needed cleaning. She never celebrated my birthdays. An odd thing to be upset about, but that one really hurt more as an adult, realizing I was special to No One. By 11 I was cutting and hurting myself. Mom brought me to Niagara’s supposed best, a psychologist in the Norris wing, who promptly put me on a chemical cocktail of Lithium, paxil, zolof, etc. His solution was a chemical restraint, and I guess mom agreed. He said I was likely Bi-Polar. I knew this was ridiculous but was still a minor. She never empathized or even asked me why I hurt, typical of emotionally immature parents. Let someone else deal with it so they don’t have to. This is getting on so I’ll sum it up a bit now. Mom met a straight up psycho who in her words “Spent more time in jail than he has out!” Yea, she was proud. We moved to St.Catharines so he could eventually do some program where he worked during the week and went back to the halfway house on weekends. He was eventually released and mom, being the amazing woman she is, moved a violent and aggressive convict in with her 2 remaining kids. (my one brother was removed from the home for stabbing me after my mom took off for days partying, leaving me alone to deal with this violent kid who was now getting bigger than me, and my older sister had a baby at 15 and Mom pushed her out) So now heres Me, my FAS brother, an unstable mom, Stormin’ Norman (no really, that’s his name) and all these pittbulls they got, our own little house of horrors. I would wake up every day and think “I’m going to go crazy before I leave home” and it really worried me. I didn’t even understand what mental health was, but I knew mine was essentially fucked. Now Stormin’ Norman didn’t get that name for nothing. He regularly beat my mom and the dogs, as replayed in my nightmares. He’d make sexual comments and make me feel weird as hell, right in front of my mother who of coarse did nothing. He’d fight with the same dudes he invited into our house. Violence was just a normal thing in my “home”, knocked out Moms teeth, black eyes and threats of murder, and the 2 of them seemed to have no insight into how dysfunctional they were. When I spoke up about it I’d get shut down. I called the cops on one occasion, a big No-No in our culture. By the end of the month Mom abandoned me, took off to another city with her “man”. I was 15. I had no life skills and no support.

Now where was my dad in all this? Ha! That’s what I was wondering. My dad was a mean hypocritical angry person. He had no problem talking about what a loser my mother was, yet didn’t try to step up either. I wont get into his parenting or the lack of it too much, as I can pretty much sum up his contribution to my mental health issues in one sentence : He was negligent. He would lie and tell me he loved me when we’d say goodbye. Of coarse he didn’t because when you love your daughter you take care of her and protect her. You pay some support and you make sure shes living in a safe environment. You certainly don’t constantly shame, criticize, yell and degrade and gas-light them every chance you get. When I was homeless at 15 he turned his back on me, just like he always did. Sorry Dad, but you don’t get a pass just because you weren’t there. That is the problem, you weren’t there. You let us come sit on your couch some weekends so you could tell us why we were heathens & then bring us to Church occasionally and pretend you didn’t abandon us. But you did.

I eventually flushed the pills one evening, even as a kid I knew this was the wrong way to deal with things. Besides, who was going to make me? My parents, who I hadn’t even heard from in months? Ha.

By the time I met my ex-husband and father of my children at 16 I was already sick, something he loved to throw in my face. A bad partner will only exasperate wounds. He’d make me feel bad because I had bad credit (thanks mom, cool of you to open accounts and cards in my name and ruin my credit) I was always wrong because I was a drug baby, he’d tell people I was crazy and said it was because I wasn’t raised right. He became very abusive while drinking and constantly threatened to kill me and the kids. I’m not worried about publicly expressing this either because its all in court record, no slander here. I was sick all the time, the energetic imbalances really started taking a toll. And until I found the right therapist who helped me to realize I’ve lived a life of abuse, I just really thought I was defective and crazy and deserving of punishment.

Divorced by 30, and on a healing journey ever since. I think its actually more important to understand what caused my mental health than anything, because we have to understand our wounds to heal them. I had to understand what I went through or didn’t get growing up in order to re-parent myself, which led me to truly loving myself. An Emotion Code session was the first of several Energy healing tools I encountered, and it was so enlightening. I knew then I was meant to be healing others with it. It helped me to finally understand, like on the cellular level, who I was and what happened to me. I was already an avid mediator and talked with Spirit since as far back as I can remember, (was def my escape from the world) but the clearing of this past Karmic debris was the catalyst to a new life. Of coarse there was choices to make, ties to severe, & lots of inner child work to be done too, healing is a process. But Having the ability to tap into my records and figure it out first was essential. This is why people tell me after a session that they feel they’ve done more healing and gained more understanding in 1 session with me than after years of therapy. It just gets the heart of it, makes you see and understand, and heals the trauma, permanently. All you are left with is the insight, lessons and growth.

Western society is one of few that doesn’t regularly practice energetic hygiene. Medical Experts and Scientists alike are waking up now though. Some want to stay stuck, this is all too “Witch Doctory” for their already crowded minds. Some who truly have a healers heart have understood this their entire career, yet have to keep quiet or risk losing their reputation. On the medical research front, we have physicists actually studying these crafts now, as the field of quantum physics become increasingly popular. Papers and articles are being written, letting the public know the wonders of the quantum field. I mean we all know and accept by now, we are pure energy in a very real way, nothing but spinning vortices of condensed energy. Becoming undeniable, our energetic body is the beginning factor to physical & mental health. And it was where I truly needed healing. Now, I am rarely sick in any fashion. I have healthy reciprocating relationships. I’m an Empath so I’ll always feel anxiety and depression at certain times, but I manage it easily with Reiki and Meditation and self-talk. I am a healer but I am also human. Being an energy medicine practitioner doesn’t take away my humanness. It helps me be human. It helps me cope with this very unnatural harsh reality, this dimension we humans have made such a mess of. It keeps me healthy and centred so I can be of service and help out in this world. It’s also helped me find & live my best life. I’m grateful I learned to accept my humanness, rather that mask it with pills or “pink hearts” and fake smiles. I share this because I know how debilitating an imbalanced mind is, how exhausting it is, how it limits your life. And I just want you to know
There are others ways to soothe the mind. Simpler, more enjoyable ways of healing. But you have to relax and let yourself believe it. This is step one. Because whether you think you can, or you think you cant, you’re right🖤

This is the gist of my mental health journey.


Different Types Of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a method of healing where a practitioner transmits healing Subtle Energy, usually through the hands. There are many types of subtle energies and techniques for passing it along or clearing it out.


Reiki is just the label a Japanese man gave to the art of energy channeling. I am grateful he did, because it’s given people in the West a label to help us collectively accept our energetic body, which is connected to God/Source, just as much as we have a physical body connected to Gaia/Earth. When I give Reiki, I first bring myself into an energetically sound place, get into prayer/connection mode (in a theta brain wave), then pray to have my crown chakra opened. Now connected to Source, energy flows into my crown & being, then out my hands. I can feel my crown open and my heart pump harder, my body tingles, then I begin moving my hands around a bit to feel the flow. At this point I begin giving the Reiki/channeled energy. You have given me permission to connect energetically, and this energy is passed from me to you, like a tuning fork.  I can see energy often during the session, but I mostly keep my eyes closed so I can feel the energy. This tells me more than colorful light emissions. I can feel pain or strength before the client informs me. I scan and observe the aura more-so during our initial talk or counselling, just to see where they’re at emotionally, and to gauge how strong or weak their bio-magnetic & electric field is.

During a session, as my crown is open, I receive insights and messages to relay to the client. Every practitioner is different, but I’m certainly not woo-la-la in my approach. The insights and revelations and information given always resonate in a very realistic way for the client. During my sessions I often feel into each major energetic center (Chakras) to see where you’re at in that area of life, and then fill each one with high vibration energy. (I never mess with others’ crown Chakra and advise those I can tell have allowed someone else to, to stop. This is your connection to God/Source, and he doesn’t need a Healers help. This is also why it is said you cannot open your own crown chakra, that God does it when you’re ready. If you are unsure if yours opens, say a prayer. Do you feel connected to God? Do you feel his Love or comfort? If so, it is being opened during prayer. It’s like God turned on the connection like a light switch and will do so more often the more you spend time in prayer and meditation. It always closes during times of anger and harsh emotion, even with me. This is why it is said “God does not dwell in an angry home” Its not that anger is always bad, it can be quite productive when done right, however the 2 frequencies do not mesh) I don’t control the frequency, I’m simply a conductor from God/Source to You, as most people have lost their own ability to connect and channel at this point in human history. Though I don’t specifically say this to clients at first, my personal goal in this work is raise human consciousness so that everyone can have their own connection and channel on their own. Each session is a little different, but this is the basis of what Reiki is: A person who is of high vibration, who has acquired control over their own brainwaves (streams of consciousness) with opened crown, acting as conductor and passing the high vibration frequencies on to the client.


Where Reiki is giving energy, Emotion Code Clearing is taking away. Using a technique called “applied kinesiology” (a fancy word for what we Shamans simply call “muscle testing”) we uncover subconscious blocks and trapped emotions and clear them out through the governing meridian. Its a powerful way to rid ourselves of unseen energetic baggage permanently, often resulting in the disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship problems. We rid trapped emotions that have become part of the spirit body either in your lifetime, or inherited. (Just as we inherit physically, we can inherit energetically. Knowing this helps us understand why & how non-genetic conditions are passed down. I call them spiritually inherited dis-eases) We figure out what specific harmful emotion (Energy-in-Motion) is trapped, as well as the exact year it happened via muscle testing. Simply put, I ask questions and test your muscle strength to get answers from your subconscious. This technique alone has helped many to understand what is either causing or contributing to their dis-ease, without needing dozens of counselling sessions or often incorrect lab work. Once the emotion and time frame are realized, the actual incident which caused the trapped emotion is brought back into the clients conscious mind instinctively. So lets say a client comes in with a sore shoulder, evening anxiety, whatever. I muscle test to see if a trapped emotion is causing the disturbance. Then I figure out what year it became lodged. At this point the client often remarks “Yea that’s about the time it started hurting/happening” I ask the client to tell me what was happening that year and the answer is then brought into conscious awareness, “Oh yea, that’s the year my wife left me. I was devastated.” Sometimes were not exactly sure what happened the year we narrowed it down to. That’s okay, either a hidden memory or something so minor we don’t think it was significant. Sometimes things as simple as being called “Stupid!” by a neighbor can cause a trapped emotion, and a major life event doesn’t. Its not so much the severity of the event that causes the trapped emotion, as it is our ability to emotionally resolve it instead of feeding and holding onto it. True, the worse the event the harder it may be to resolve, so we do see major events coming up more often. However in some sessions it sometimes appears to be minor things that had major effects. It’s a pretty remarkable process, to have a long buried memory brought up and realized for processing. At this point the emotion has been brought to conscious awareness. We can now clear it out. Using a magnet and focused intention I run the magnet along their governing meridian (which all meridians are connected to) to bring out the trapped emotion. I sometimes instead use a specific Quartz crystal for clearing, some respond better to the strong balanced magnet, others clear better with the Quartz. The client often feels the emotion as its being brought to the surface, but relief immediately after clearing. I can usually tell while running the magnet, if the emotion has been cleared by the sigh of relief or deep breaths the client takes during clearing, or the body suddenly becomes soft and sways. I then test the body one more time making sure we released the emotion, and voila, this harmful low vibe energy is now out of your being. It does not return, it is just done. In my opinion, this is the most effective and legitimate form of energy clearing currently, and also the most important part of energy hygiene currently for us Westerners. We are full of trapped emotions and passing them down to each generation. It’s obvious just from looking around, that people around here are getting more unstable, yet we are living in the most abundant times. It’s simply unstable or low vibration frequencies. Its keeping us mentally, physically & spiritually sick. Reiki is nourishing, fun, relaxing, but it we cannot heal our back if the knife is still in it.  True, it raises our frequency for easier healing of the physical, it can sustain us until the problem is gone. But we need to clear out. The process of clearing emotions is not new in most cultures. Shamanism is timeless,  and clearing is seen as routine hygiene.  This emotion code technique has taken these leanings and categorized it for clarity, tested it using new technology like subtle energy detectors, and organized it into a health-care like service.


This is the energy of Gaia. It is the subtle energy produced by Earth. It’s not the same as channeled Source/God energy, which is channeled through an open crown chakra from Source. This is the energy that is all around us, stronger in some places than others. It is the energy we see in Kirlian photography. It’s in the air we breathe. In big cities there is very little nature and so very little Ki/Chi/Prana/Universal Life Force (all the same thing in different languages) This is why we feel so yucky after being in a busy city. Produced by Gaia, it is abundant in nature, hence we feel so healthy after walking in the woods or sitting by the beach. When we eat fresh food, we are ingesting life force as a nutrient. The sooner off the vine, the higher the life force within the fruit. When I do “Quantum Touch” what I am doing is directing this life force to the client. There are many forms of bringing Ki medicine to a client, I just call it Quantum Touch. There are some really cool studies done on how intention alone directs photons and consequently, Ki and subtle energies. Albert Einsteins “double slit” experiment highlights this phenomenon. Simplified, the experiment was set up so there were 2 slits in a material. Using nothing but intention, Mr. Einstein showed that by simply deciding or intending, the photons would go through that slit. So if he set up that test-round so that he wanted the photons go through the right slit, simply by thinking of them flowing though the right slit, they did. Many experiments replicate what Einstein already knew, our thoughts have a direct impact on the physical. It starts on the quantum level. The quantum field has long been a source of theories and wonder. Now as science advances, what others have mocked in past is now being studied and proven by physicists and scientists across the globe. Quantum touch is something most anyone can do, and I often teach parent clients this technique to help heal sick little ones. This Life force is needed by all living animals and plants. Feeling low energy, groggy, slow to heal or think, is often just a lack of Ki.

While there are many forms of Energy Medicine, such as electric pulses used in trauma centers to stabilize brainwaves, or defibrillators used to jump start the hearts electric pulse pattern, to frequency emitters that were used to heal tumors, to sound-wave medical technology, Energy is clearly an important part of healing. Our energetic bodies need nourishment and health if we want our physical bodies to flourish. And as we are also part of the Quantum Field, having a clear & balanced Spirit is imperative to our experience. A clear and healthy Spirit contributes to a clear and healthy life.

Better To Be Left-Brained Or Right?

🔲Left Brain: Logical, the problem solver, the scheduler and builder
🔲Right Brain: Metaphorical, creative, fantasizing and daydreaming

Our left brain Is where our Ego resides.  It figures out the tip at the restaurant for us. It’s who problem-solves how to rescue a dog off an icy lake. It’s where we calculate when to swerve or otherwise handle danger. It is our masculine mind.
The right brain is where we mentally process feeling.  It lights up with good music.  It’s where intuition lives.   It is our feminine mind.
We need both in balance for our Brow energy center (Anja Chakra, if you’re Hindu;)  to open and preform optimally.  Those who claim ego and the left brain to be in any way negative or a hindrance, has an incomplete understanding of the brain, and little appreciation of the Divine Masculine.  Balance Balance Balance.
We need both in Balance for balanced Brow Energy Centres.   Those too much in left, lose out on the colourful life experiences of emotion, flow, and spontaneous creativity.
Those too much in the right are prone to delusions and lack understanding of this reality.  They struggle in real day-to day life to elicit practical change.  They often believe whatever makes them feel good as opposed to using proper judgement.
The key to a healthy psyche is being able to harmonize the hemispheres🖤

There are several ways we can balance the two, and learn to fully utilize both gifts.  Our brains are incredible, at any age we can grow new cells, or change the way we think.  At Reiki and Alternative Healing, one of the first things I focus on is balancing the hemispheres.  I have learned over the years that intuition without reality wont get you far, and that judgement without an ability to sense gives an incomplete picture.  As with everything in life, balance is key.

Why am I Seeing Their Name Everywhere?

Signs, Synchronicities, and the Quantum Field

So, you’ve waken up to the world around you!  And you’re realizing how truly magical it is!  You realize that the universe has been talking to you for a while, and you’re happy to be privy to signs and syncronicities.   From here, I see my friends and clients go down the same path of confusion and disarray.  We live in a quantum universe.  Quantum, to me, IS magic.  The energetic interconnection, the ability to use our consciousness to affect this field, our ability to magically heal our self by tapping into this field, the way two hearts connect and resonate from a distance without ever talking to each other.  Even a single strand of DNA, when separated from our body and moved to the other side of the world, will respond to its hosts body being stimulated as if it were still of the same physical being.  That is connection to the quantum field.   The quantum field is that undefinable, universal mystery that scientists and philosophers alike are so very interested in figuring out. We really have more control over our self and experience then we realize.    So it’s no wonder that as an individual becomes aware of this field, things get confusing.  With books like “The Secret”  many are trying to figure out mysteries using magical thinking, instead of intelligence and intuition.    (Thank God for the teachings in these series, they have contributed greatly to the mass-awakenings we are seeing now.)  Many are being led to believe that we have complete control over our destiny.   We do have substantial influence, but much of that was decided before we incarnated.  Another common and unnerving occurrence we go through when we first start looking for signs is thinking we are seeing signs from the Universe, when really we are thinking about something/one so much, it literally starts appearing in our reality.  I will give you the typical example.  We meet someone and think “Oh my Gosh, this is my soulmate/twin flame/future wife etc”  And we think about them constantly.  We are, if we’re being honest, a little obsessed.  Suddenly, the “Universe” starts giving us “signs”   Now we are sure this is our person, we are even seeing their name EVERYWHERE!  We think about them even more now.   We hear their name being called from a balcony, we find out our neighbors cat has the same name, hell it’s even written on a billboard now just a block from your apartment!  It’s a sign!   And then, she moves away.  Or she rejects your advances.  Or, you get with her and realize you don’t like her anymore.  So what happened?    “The Secret” said that if you really believed it would happen, it would?   The Shaman said look for signs to follow?  Well, my friend, you have taken these messages and deluded yourself.  The Secret mentioned not being specific, right?  Yes, believe there is love out there for you.  Be in the frequency of Love and Love will surround you.   “The Secret” said be open, to humbly leave control and details to the  Greater Intelligence.  Yes, the Shaman said look for signs.  But what happened here is you created them.  I’m not saying you were seeing things that weren’t there.  You know in your heart that was too many signs to be coincidence.   Let me explain:

As we know, our minds have the amazing and undeniable ability to alter the quantum field, and ultimately, the reality we see around us.  (For a basic understanding of this, read up on Einsteins’ famous “Double Slit” experiment, which showed how just our thoughts are able to direct the path of photons)   Well, when we become obsessed with a person, we think about them steady.  We emit this like a radio transmitter.  This in turn, begins to show up in our environment.  Our outer world is reflecting our inner world, and nothing more.  Scientists are finding this tangible reality as they study the quantum field.  In one type of experiment, researchers put a person in a room with a computer and told them to focus on either 1’s or 0’s.  When the computer was examined afterwards, their number choice was reflected in the binary code; significantly more of the focused number within the code. The focused thought changed the reality without physical or spoken instruction.   Research into AI shows similar results, the intent alone influences which direction the AI takes.   And now we see people exclaiming shock as they realize simply thinking about something often results in seeing Facebook, YouTube or online ads of the exact nature.   If you love a man and think of him constantly, you will subconsciously look for his name as well as bring that name into your reality via the quantum field.  I’ve watched so many go through this process of realization, it’s a beginners lesson in The Law Of Attraction.  What you focus on, the frequencies you emit, will be reflected around you.  As the 2nd Law of Karma states “Whatever surrounds us, gives us clues to our inner state”  That is not a sign or synchronicity.   You can’t alter who you are meant to be with.  But you can confuse the hell out of yourself by misinterpreting “signs” for your obsessive results.    The 6th law of karma states “Each step leads to the next step”   To me this is a great way to follow signs.  Signs show us a next step, not a destiny.

Here’s the thing;  if God/Gaia/Source/Universal Intelligence is trying to speak to you, there will be 1 or maybe a few signs pointing you in that direction …. and THAT’S IT!  Remember the saying “The Devil (ego) shouts in your ear, while Angels whisper.   The Universe isn’t taunting you by repeatedly having you rejected, lonely or frustrated.  You are taunting yourself.   What’s meant to be will flow naturally, for better or worse.    Do not wait around for someone to connect with you beyond a reasonable effort.   If its a no-go, THAT is your sign to focus elsewhere!   As the Law of Least Effort teaches us; Natures intelligence functions with effortless ease.  In other words, Joy, Love and Growth happens with carefreeness, not obsessiveness.  Obsessive thoughts are your first clue that this is not harmony.   So let expectations go and take one step in life at a time.


What Is A Trapped Emotion?

Emotion is pure energy, and  each emotion has its own frequency.  We can literally feel the vibration of each emotion, that’s the feeling!  This is the difference between emotions and feelings.   Emotion is the energy, feelings are the way that energy feels.   They lend richness and colour to our lives, but when they become lodged/unrealized, it causes an energetic imbalance there, leading to various dis-eases and illness’s ~ mental and physical.
Emotions become stuck when the body is vulnerable,  when an emotion is intense, or when an emotion is un-realized (meaning we have deluded our self about how we feel, we bury the emotion so we don’t have to feel it, when we have cognitive dissonance, or when we are unsafe to realize or deal with a traumatic event)   Once it becomes stuck in a spot, it literally and measurably changes our own energetic output and magnetic field.  (Hello Law Of Attraction!  Yes its real! Maybe you were taught it’s about positive thinking, however it’s not quite.   In fact, being delusional-positive & lying to our self is a great way to accumulate trapped emotions)  To me, this is Karma.  It is an energy that needs to be cleared, like with baptism or confession, it is energy needing to be cleared.  Unfortunately, western ideals have turned the concept of Karma into a punishment/reward system.   It is not, it is simply old issues needing resolution.  This is why peoples Karma changes after an Emotion Code session, the energetic debris has been removed.  If it’s not cleared, you’ll have a warped frequency emulating from your being and causing a disturbance in your very measurable magnetic field.  Lets say I have a trapped emotion of resentment.  This emotion now sounds of like an alarm in every situation where resentment is possible.  This influences how I behave in these situations.  It’s not that I will only attract situations/people that I’ll resent… we have so many different energies coming at us daily, we don’t control other people;)  It is not a punishment, it’s just that who I am and how I interact in life is now coming from a subconscious program of resentment.  Angry people aren’t actually angry-spirited.   They have anger trapped within.
Ever notice how alcoholics typically display Anger, Resentment, Conflict?  Because the liver/kidneys create these emotions.   When they drink, they relieve & stimulate the organ of this energy.  Same goes for smokers… notice how “most” smokers have feelings of Love Unreceived, Grief, Abandonment?   These emotions are created in the heart & lungs.   And it is not the smoking that caused lung cancer ~ it is the improper frequency, the low vibrating emotion.  We are magnetic, we emit frequencies and are nothing but pure energy in each atom, swirling vortex’s of intricate energy patterns.  Literally every dis-ease and illness has an “emotion-personality” ~ a set of emotions/behaviors that are typical with the dis-ease.  It’s actually not the individuals’ personality, its the Karma/trapped emotions’ affect on the person.  People come see me to “heal” a sore shoulder, and end up emailing me about how their panic attacks have also “somehow” left as well.   Trapped emotions are, in my opinion and the opinion of MDs, chiropractors and other health professionals across the globe understanding of quantum effects on the body, responsible for half, easily more dare I say, of the physical and mental ailments effecting North Americans.  Many people come in to release trapped emotions for the lifestyle effects; reduced mental distress, taking down trapped emotions around the heart to attract healthy relationships, increased confidence, moving forward with grief, etc. But if we wait too long these emotions begin to effect our physical bodies as well.  Back-aches, cancers, heart attacks, susceptibility to viruses etc.
I just want to add real quick:
Fibromyalgia is literally your body so full of trapped emotions that you are in a state of crisis.   MDs lie and say they have no idea what causes it.   Yet they know in clinical studies, the patients electric tests are highly abnormal.   They push on energetic points (like acupuncture points) to see how painful it is, to determines if you have Fibro.  (Funny how they accept  the energetic body quietly) And rather than suggest one of the many alternative treatments that will actually improve or cure the dis-ease, they prescribe a lifetime of pain killers like opiods.  Wonder why so many people have it now?  Well, we can inherit emotions too, and North American culture has not been actively healing the energetic body for at least decades.   We, as a people, need to start having good energy/spirit hygiene.  Same goes with arthritis, it’s a generational crisis of trapped emotions.  People who eat well and exercise yet remain over-weight?  Almost always have crisis-amounts of trapped emotions.   Like a hoarder that needs a bigger house, your emotions need more space.   Cancer, same thing.  Notice a North American theme here?   We need healing.
Emotion clearing is a new concept for many, don’t hesitate to ask me anything🖤

Chasing Symptoms with Allopathic Medicine

The medical model in Western society started on the battle grounds.  It was called “Heroic Intervention” and in its time, was heroic.  Simply stated, during war times our priority was to suppress symptoms and surgically keep bodies alive in a very dangerous landscape.  It did not focus whatsoever on healing dis-eases.  To this day, allopathic medicine has maintained this stature.  Its focus is suppressing pain and symptoms, then resorting to surgery for repair & removal of damaged or problematic organs and limbs. Now undeniable, most surgeries taking place in North America are unnecessary, and even detrimental to healing.  Did your M.D. convince you otherwise?  Yes, well up until very recently, they also convinced us practices like blood-letting was necessary, or that smoking was good for the fetus.  They told us we had too many organs simply because they didn’t know what they were for, or made ridiculous claims of having evolved past the need for them.    Examples are tonsillectomies and appendectomies, both now known to be important organs for natural immunity.   (Some believe that’s exactly why they jump to remove them.  No immune system means more pills.)  That they they still preform surgeries knowing of the harm later down the road, proves they value profit above health.  Another example is hysterectomies.  The alternatives to this invasive and dangerous surgery are plentiful, simple, more effective, yet it is still legal to take a woman’s hormone-producing uterus when consequence are worse than original symptom.  Now needing hormone replacers, they, like 7/10 North Americans today, are on a merry-go-round of chasing symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  Take an anti-biotic: now you have a yeast infection.  So take an anti-fungal: now your immune system is totally depressed.  Soon mental depression sets in (remember: mind-body connection) and now you’re on Prozac, and so on.  Everyone on the merry-go-round has their own story,  and they’re all sadly similar; Went to the doctors to get better, ended up worse.  Reminds me of how every time Doctors go on strike, less deaths occur!  In every documented incident, the amount of deaths decreased, sometimes as much as 50% during M.D. or Hospital striking period!  Google it because I can tell you think I’m full of it!  We’re so brainwashed we believe cutting ourselves open and ingesting poison is helpful. We hear messages like “You need a healthcare plan for prescriptions” and then we’re actually grateful to be able to afford poison!  Big Pharma has Public Relation Reps that “teach” our family M.D.s about new drugs.  These are salesmen, not healers or scientists.  Big Pharma pays our government loads of money but wont verify for what.   They pay the media, including sitcoms and talk shows,  to enforce ideas of being fortunate to have access to poisons, and to ridicule alternatives. Good ol’ tele-programs, programming our minds for decades now.   They may as well come right out and say  “You have a petro-chemical-pharmaceutical-drug deficiency and too many organs!” because that’s basically their answer for every illness they encounter.  Before we all had internet, most of us assumed our Doctor was being honest in saying surgery was the only answer.  Our international view now shows us differently, as we are realizing methods from across the globe.   Dr.Benjamin Rush, signer of the US declaration Of Independence wrote “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an under-cover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men & companies, and deny equal privileges to others, and will constitute the Bastille of medical science”   And indeed that is what has happened.   Medicine has been co-opted by the drug companies.  They will do anything to retain this power, including persecution & destruction of new remedies.  Ortho-Molecular Medicine (finding out what molecule the body actually needs then giving it OR finding out the exact personal toxin molecule then eliminating it), Energy Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, and several other alternative healing methods have been systematically ridiculed and fought against.  The only person who can make the change is us.   Find a trusted alternative healer, and get off the merry-go-round.

Time For Rest

Cosmically speaking, a lot of things are re-aligning.   I felt both the planetary and energetic retrogrades over the last month, and life circumstances reflected this theme.   In just a month, seemingly small shifts and unusual occurrences have taken place in my life, and if you look back at the last month, have for you too I’m sure.   Most of them, true to back-tracking energy,  have felt like taking two steps back.   But that’s what’s needed sometimes I suppose, don’t want to travel too far down the wrong road.   I woke up this morning feeling energetic relief, a feeling of “Okay, rest, because were about to try this again”  In a few days Spring Energy will co-operate and try “springing” us forward again too.   Were now in the few day period of in-between.  So rest and enjoy this “still” period.  Rest is important because it’s when divine insight flows…. ideas, knowings, peace, mental order.  Resting allows us to synchronize with universal flow, non-resistant alignment.  I have a feeling sometime next week things will get positively busy again, this time in the best direction.   All those goals, aspirations and plans are about to get momentum, it is safe to have positive expectations now🖤   So rest up today and take it easy tomorrow, have peace knowing everything’s about to get back on track🖤