Manifesting 101

Lets get back to basics today, and talk about manifestation & magik. The universe is magikal. We know this as spiritually inclined beings. So why are so many spiritually inclined people having a difficult go at manifesting? For one, people make things more complicated than necessary.

As well, there’s this confusing message out there;

“You have to feel like you already have it!”

I think this is really getting peoples energy tangled up. It’s basically asking people to bullshit themselves. That’s…. that’s not going to bring on the magik.

So instead, follow this simple exercise. For weeks, years or even decades, until you’ve mastered it. Its simple, so don’t make it unnecessarily complicated, because that’s how you get confusing results. You also shouldn’t manifest things your not truly ready to manage, or worse, things your higher-self doesn’t even want because you are listening to the ego-mind (remember: you are not your mind!)

So here it is; just become a vibrational match. You must learn how to become a vibrational match for what you want because it can only exist within that vibration. You cannot manifest love, if your vibration is lack-of-love. Remember Einstiens simple yet exceptional understanding “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality”

You must learn to take authority over your emotional/energetic body (ie your frequency)

When you want something to manifest, lets say Love, you cannot pretend you already have it. This causes “resistance” energy because it actually highlights in your awareness what you don’t have, and again, you know you’re bullshitting yourself. If your tuned in, you can feel the resistance energy inside you when you play this pretend game. It feels uneasy, anxious, doubtful. That’s your body speaking to you. Listen to it. I don’t know where this pretend game came from but when clients come in and tell me they “can’t manifest” I ask them how they’ve been going about it… and it’s often this strange pretend game.

So how do we do it then? How do we match the frequency of the reality we want?

1) By learning to be grateful

2) By focusing on the desired vibration as it already exists

Honestly its that simple. Lets do the whole example thing, because that’s how I teach best

Start simply to avoid resistance energy. Walk before you run. Not big or small, just simple.

Lets say you want to manifest money. You want to see that bank account go up over the next few months.

Simply focus on how abundant and financially blessed you are right now. This, admittedly, is the part people get stuck on and the reason they cant manifest. Bad attitudes muck it all up here. Listen: you can so focus on how blessed you are right now. Do you have food to eat today? Have some damn appreciation! Really feel how financially blessed you are to have food. Let gratitude become your new attitude.Are you reading this on a smart phone? Wow, how blessed are you!?! Did your rent/mortgage/fee get paid? Blessed!!! Recognize how financially blessed you are as you go through your days weeks & months and your frequency will become that of financially blessed (as opposed to focusing on what you need, then feeling like you need more, because that frequency is of needing which creates an experience of needing) You feel financially blessed, you become the energy of financially blessed, you are now matching the frequency of financial blessings.

Notice how this isn’t lying to yourself, you’re just putting your awareness on what you want to grow. When you observe and take in how financially blessed you really are, you really begin to feel lucky, and you’re now the perfect match for financial abundance to exist in. It grows and grows! This is when magikal things begin pouring in! I focus on & appreciate my financial blessings anytime I’m scared of lack and the magikal ways money has poured in has been undeniably due to this technique. This is energetic mastery, being the authority of your emotional/energetic body. I’ve had repairmen fix my plumbing for free, lawyers tell me not to worry about 5-figure bills, new clients pouring in at a time I want more work, cars suddenly start working when mechanics tell me its needing this or that….

Listen, I am a practical down-to-earth lady. If I hadn’t seen this stuff work so precisely in my own life I wouldn’t believe it either, but it just works. Like magik.

Lets try another. Remember, were keeping it simple for as long as it takes to master this. Were not manifesting anything specific until we get the hang of matching frequencies.

Okay so you feel lonely and want Love. Cool, focus on whatever Love you already have. Don’t say you have no Love available to focus on, just find some Love and focus on it. Do your kids Love you? Does you Momma Love you? Can you find a tree to hug? Feel the love from God or Gaia? Do you Love your pet? Feel the Love, notice the Love that is already all around you. You are now in the frequency that supports Love. Make it a daily habit until it becomes you and the momentum takes over. The longer or more often you are in this frequency, the more Love that can enter your experience in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.

Lately I’ve been focusing on opulence. I don’t know why really, guess I’m just feeling like life had become dull. I heard the word and now I want to experience it.

Man that sunset is pure opulence. This nail colour is opulence. My dog is rare & regal af, he is opulence. My entire life is pretty damn opulent. I was walking home and saw ‘opulence’ written on a van parked at the end of my street the day I began focusing on opulence. This stuff doesn’t even phase me anymore, of coarse its literally being written in 3D for me. I went to meditate in my backyard and saw a squirrel that was actually golden. I’ve never seen such a squirrel before! Sounds silly but I get true joy from connecting with nature in my backyard and this was the most opulent squirrel I had ever seen. I cant even find any pics online of a golden “grey” squirrel so it felt pretty magikal. I called for a ride recently as my son had my car. It was the most opulent and expensive car I had ever been in. Felt like a Queen being chauffeured around! Instead of feeling upset that I needed to take a ride, I noticed the opulence. This ones been fun because it’s so random, there’s nothing I really needed here its just been a nice experience as I’m usually pretty pragmatic.

Mastering the skill of becoming the frequency is manifesting 101. For additional guidance and momentum give me a call and we can get the ball rolling together.

Thank you God and Gaia for creating such a magikal place for me to exist in


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