Chakra Healing

“Chakra” is Sanskrit (ancient Indo-European language) for “wheel/disk”
When we hear the term Chakra in spirituality or healing, we are referring to the energy centers that create and contribute to our total vibration. Much like our meridians are akin to veins, carrying energy throughout the body, our Chakras are akin to energetic organs. Each Chakra has its own job to do, just as each of our organs has a purpose. These vortices of energy become weakened or blocked by trapped emotions aka Karma.
When we remove trapped emotions (energetic distortions) the Chakra can return to its intended harmonious vibration. The Kundalini energy sits quietly at the bottom Chakra (Root chakra) until its able to ascend. Each Chakra must be relatively healthy (of high vibration) for the Kundalini energy to be able to pass through. Kundalini energy is intelligent and of high vibration. It wont spontaneously rise until you’re ready, lest there be some major imbalances. People can and unfortunately do wake this “serpent” through superficial techniques, and this leads to a mental condition I call “Kundalini Koo-Koo” Its like someone who suddenly won the lottery and doesn’t know how to handle all this money, so they end up going mad or inadvertently killing themselves. We do not need to force the Kundalini Rising, it will do so naturally when your energy is harmonious and high. The ascent of the Kundalini Serpent reminds me very much of Maslows’ hierarchy of needs. On the bottom is our most basic needs; food and safety ect, By the top; Enlightenment. While enlightenment is fancy, it’s useless without food. A strong foundation is first needed. This is a troubling time in human history, as too many of us aren’t even able to achieve the most basic Root Chakra needs: a stable home, income and security. It’s difficult to manifest, attract, or even be clear of our desires when there is an energetic interference in the corresponding Chakra. And as its Karma, we will be attracted to situations that trigger these trapped emotions in an attempt to learn or resolve the lesson. If you have a reoccurring issue, feel cursed or unable to change a dynamic in your life, chances are there’s a trapped emotion in one of your Chakras. Trapped emotions are also the cause of many health issues. For example, people who have issues with their reproductive organs often have an imbalanced Sacral Chakra. Clearing the energetic body of past Karma is a necessary step in awakening and manifesting. We are natural creators and would naturally be manifesting our desires if it weren’t for the generational Karma that resides with the majority of the collective at this time. Resolving Karma and strengthening our Chakras is desperately needed for the collective to ascend. There is an etheric cord at the bottom of our root chakra that is connected Gaia, this is our connection to Mother Earth. Another etheric cord is connected from our Crown Chakra to Spirit, this is of coarse our connection to God. The Heart Chakra is the center of our being. It connects the physical to the etheric and is essentially, the manifestation of Spirit in a Body.
Each Chakra will give indication of Balanced VS Karmic traits

Root Chakra
This is our energy center of physicality. It determines our survival on Gaia. It is physical connection, sex, how well nourished the physical body is, our tribal support and ability to provide shelter. The Kundalini energy sits at the base of this Chakra
Balanced: Feeling grounded
Supportive family/tribe
Ability to provide for ones self
Choosing healthy foods
Taking pride in ones home
Poverty or financial struggles
Toxic diet
Inability to walk away from toxic people or connections

Sacral Chakra
This is the energy center of creation. Everything we create use’s Sacral energy, including art, music, schedules, beautiful meals, goals and plans, and babies. A lot of Sacral energy is needed to create life, which is why we find the sacral chakra within the womb space
Passionate (which is not love but feels similar and is still amazing;)
Creative Sensual
No zest for life
Inability to complete a pregnancy
Lack of creative expression
Cannot create solutions to problems
Holding yourself back, insecure in your plans
Lack of spontaneity

Solar Chakra
This is the energy center of Identity. Our identity changes throughout life. We are meant to evolve and be ever growing.  This is why we incarnate into varied situations, to grow through different experiences. As children, our identity is often that of a dependent, a student ect. It changes throughout life and should continue to do so always. While in your 20s you may have identified as a Mother and housewife, at 40 you may identify as a career woman or animal rescuer. This is where many people become stuck in life, as the refuse to evolve their identity once they reach a level of comfort.
Happy in career/purpose (including homemakers, students and retirees)
Self-secure in how others see them (because they are happy with them self) and not worried about who doesn’t
Ability to forge new experiences
People pleasing or Narcissism Feeling stuck ie; in a home/tribe situation, a job, in self improvement goals
Low self-worth
Unsure of your purpose or path
Daydreaming of a more amazing You, but fearing its beyond reach

Heart Chakra
The Centre of our Being. The electro-magnetic frequencies your heart emits can be felt by those around you, and of coarse detected using electronic tools. These vibrations effect the vibes of the whole room, collectively. The Heart Chakra governs Growth and Love. We create Heartwalls when life becomes too painful, in attempt to protect our Heart.
Healthy relationships
Consistent spiritual evolution
Ability to empathize (feel) the energy around us
Healthy self-love
Shut off to emotions, positive and negative
Feeling like an outsider
Feeling unworthy of Love
Inability to care (saying things like “I don’t give an F” or “not my problem” All problems are your problem, this is a collective consciousness)

Throat chakra
Our Throat Chakra is the energy center of expression, whether verbally or through body language.
Ability to speak our truth
Ability to express love and hurt
Ability to speak up for others
Feeling scared to stand up for yourself
Speaking too fast, with pressure or fear, or resorting to yelling or pleading
Feeling unheard
Crying when trying to express Closed off body language (arms folded, not making eye contact ect)

Brow Chakra
This is essentially, our energetic brain. It is our 6th sense (Clairvoyance) It senses energy. Our Brow Chakras have been dulled or blocked during the last 2000+ years and are now in the process of awakening. This is happening collectively but individually as each persons regained abilities encourages the awakening of others
Inner knowing and insight
Understanding motives on a deeper level
Predicting outcomes (very different than channeled messages or visions)
Sensing truths and feeling the collective energies Seeing control-dramas or ego-centered interactions for what they really are
Easily manipulated or fooled
Feeling unsure in many areas of life (“I just don’t know what to do” “ I don’t know why this is happening”)
Feeling like you are lost or that life is unpredictable Unable to feel your way through a situation or choice

This is our connection to God/Spirit/Source Energy. We block ourselves from Gods Love and Healing, but we can always reconnect simply by choosing too. God doesn’t close off to us, we choose to close off at some point in the currant lifetime, whether it be our parents/societal conditioning or through painful life experiences. (which is not Gods fault but we sometimes feel forsaken due to human choices and consequences)
Feeling Gods Love
Feeling heard when we pray
Channeling (we all can in different ways if we want to, but is not necessary, especially if its not your purpose to give messages)
Feeling into the Collective Consciousness
Rejecting God and your spiritual nature
Feeling abandoned
Feeling alone
Resistance in praying to a force greater than yourself, having little faith

When our Chakras are all relatively healthy, the Kundalini is able to rise and complete enlightenment

If you want help truly clearing your Chakras book a session. With Gods presence, we will clear the energetic body and teach you how to maintain your spiritual health going forward

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