Chronic Headaches

The thing about headaches after age 35 is, you probably already know why you’re getting them. A surprising amount of mature adults come in with chronic headaches or migraines. And while I love to pull out the magic, this one almost always comes down to your bad habit. You know the one. Doesn’t matter specifically what it is either.
Lets say you drink cola every day, have been for years. After a while your body becomes intolerant (not allergic) to the toxins in the soda. After years of processing said toxin, it begins creating an inflammation response to it which results in… you guessed it, a headache. You’ve had enough cola for one lifetime and by your 30’s, your (very intelligent) body then reacts sensitively as soon as it identifies it in the system, creating inflammation. Replace cola with anything: alcohol, processed foods, cigarettes, cannabis, ect. The end result is the same So when I’m asking about your daily habits, what I’m trying to figure out is “what have you been doing for so long that you’re now intolerant of?” Oddly to me, some have a hard time wrapping their denial-prone minds around this.    

“Well I’ve always drank beers in the evening”
“Well this just started a few years ago”
Yea, its not an allergy, its an intolerance
“Other people smoke weed and they don’t get headaches”
Well you’re not them, and you are becoming intolerant of it from years of over use
Luckily, its also one of the easiest “incurable according to allopathic medicine” dis-eases to actually heal. Just stop doing that thing you know you’ve been doing too much of for too long, and maybe even go on a clean diet for a month to calm the inflammation in the body. Done. And while some may have more complicated underlying issues to heal (which Body Code and other alternative modalities can address), I find this is the “cure” 9/10 times. Alternative healing is awesome because it’s typically painless and makes you HEALTHIER
Its also the kind of medicine where the client sometimes has to make changes. Truth is, this is why so many Doctors of allopathic medicine rather prefer to just push a pill. They aren’t in the business of being life coaches, and they know too many of their patients will not submit to a healthy lifestyle. So a band-aid of a pill it is.
Listen, we are intelligent intuitive insightful beings. Our bodies are always communicating with us. We know what we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy. Most would rather just make excuses for their lack of effort and involvement, choosing to play dumb then blame big pharma. Lets put health back into our own hands. If you get frequent headaches don’t get mad at the Doctor because he cant figure out why, just listen to and heal your own body.

If you’re having a hard time with self-care and understanding/conquering your habits, reach out to an accredited healer and begin the journey Because Health is Wealth

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