What Is Shadow Work?

Metaphorically speaking, we have a “Light” side and a “Shadow” side. Your Light side is just you. The part that is in tune with universal flow. It is what loves & serves our self and others, in accordance with Collective Consciousness

Your Shadow side is what is not serving your self or others.

It is toxic programming. Dysfunctional habits. Unbalanced ego.                                              It’s created in many ways. This is not a Yin/Yang type of thing. Darkness is beautiful. Seeds germinate in the dark. We feel between the lines in the dark. This is not what we’re referring to when talking about the Shadow Self. The Shadow Self is what needs to be healed in order for ascension, manifestation, wholeness or peace to be truly felt. We are Light, and this Shadow dims the full measure of our creation.

Often times our Shadow side is hidden from us. It creeps along behind us but when we try to get a glimpse, it somehow jumps out of view. Many on the spiritual path have not yet healed the shadow side. In fact, it is what’s causing so much resistance to ascension. When we ask our fellow Brothers and Sisters, have you healed your Shadow Self? Many will exclaim with a little too much pride “Oh Yes! I have, I am practically a Guru at this point!”

Well, in my experience, when asked about what they healed or how they did it, what often follows are stories of how they heroically overcame some obstacles that life presented them, indulging themselves the chance to turn it into autobiography of their greatness, self gratifying, avoiding any talk of their own toxic traits & programming, mistakes, or their own sins, if you will. These people do not dare to try and glance at their shadow. For those who have done shadow work are aware that it is not about our gifts, or how others have wronged us. It’s about what is needed to heal IN OUR SELF to benefit the collective, the future generations or their own future  & incarnations.

As Alan Watts famously said “I have never met a Sage who wanted praise”

He goes on to describe how the Ascended Masters and Sages alike, could not care about compliments and praise, insults, fame, nor being outcasts or popular. They have truly done their Shadow work. He warns, from way in the past, to be weary of so-called shamans and sages who believe they are omnipresent, Gods and Goddesses, above others. If they did their shadow work, they would have been humbled.

Family, Community, a Tribe, Humble Healers who have healed themselves. These things are imperative to a healthy society and self. The biggest reason why? Because it is others that help us see our Shadow self, what needs to actually be healed. They stand behind us and see what we do not.

A good Shaman may tell you what you don’t want to hear first. Funny how that works. I’ve had a few people not ready and that is fine. I am not here to kiss ass or obtain followers. Most, however, are intuitively relieved to find the source of suffering and with the ease of sight, heal the shadow side quickly. For you see, the hard part isn’t fixing the imbalance. Its finding it.

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