Breakdown or Breakthrough? That’s Up To You

The only difference between a psychological breakdown & a psychological re-birth, Is the end result.

In other words, having a mental, a nervous breakdown, a dark night of the soul, is a call.   Whether or not you take the call, is up to you.   This is your journey.  You will decide how to handle the crisis.

There are many choices during a mental/ life crisis.   To resonate as a victim and survive using the typical victim mentality.   To use the already broken allopathic mental health system, which seems to cause more problems than it heals.   To medicate the self, using drugs (including prescription of coarse) food TV/video games, sex ect.                                    Or to Evolve.   Grow and Refine.    Ascend.

You get to choose.

No man is an island.   Let me help you reach your psychological breakthrough.   It’s easier than you think, you just have to open your mind and try something new.

The time for Ascension is here.   Will you take the call?

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