Protecting and Clearing Yourself After Energy Healing

When I first started doing sessions with the public I didn’t take the need to protect myself seriously.  I’d forget to put up my energetic shield, and I wasn’t concerned about picking up the emotions, entities or implants from others while doing Reiki.  After a few years I started really noticing the effects.   I’d test myself and ask “Do I have a trapped emotion causing (new issue)?”  and the answer would come up “No”   Confused, I’d carry on.  eventually I had the idea to ask myself “Have I picked up energies from others?” and the answer came up “Yes”  “Did I pick up energies from my clients?” “Yes”  “How many?” and landed in the 200’s.   I had absorbed some 200 energies from clients, crazy.   I did a clearing session on myself and felt great after, confirming the findings.

Since then I’ve started taking steps to minimize this from happening.   I always put up an energetic shield before working on others, however as we’re energetically connected during the session, or at least in close proximity, they still find a way sometimes.   Much like in a hospital, the healers take precautions to ensure they don’t pick up pathogens, but they still get through sometimes.   The same is true with energy work.  Despite the efforts to shield and have a sacred space, sometimes the energies or entities still attach to the closest person.  So it’s important to also have a clearing ritual after your done healing for the day.   It can be whatever speaks to you.  For me, I get right home now, no stopping for visits, and get right into the shower.  I stand with my crown right under the water, get into a neutral (light meditative) head-space and command/intend/visualize the water clearing my energetic body.  I feel it all washing down my body and down the drain, from the top of me down down down the drain.  It only takes a minute, but it’s important to do right away.   Same idea if your going to smudge them off instead.  You must be in a neutral space to effectively command energy, so get into that space.  Then smudge but instead have the smoke take it up up away.

Another thing I’ve found over the years is that these new energies usually take a few days to actually absorb into your body.  So if you ask “Did I absorb/take someone else’s trapped emotions?” right after the session, it will almost certainly answer “No”   But if you ask again a week later, it could change to “Yes”   I think it’s because it hasn’t actually become One with you yet.   What this means is if you test yourself right after a session because you don’t have time or desire to clear yourself, then you may get a “No” answer when really its just still outside the body but within your field, and it will continue absorbing especially during sleep when our shields are always down.   So play it safe and just clear afterwards.   It would be gross if a nurse came off shift and didn’t wash up after right?   Well this is proper energy hygiene, just clean yourself up after.

I still periodically test to find any absorbed emotions and find one here and there, but its like 1% comparatively, and easy enough to clear then.

I’ll finish with a story.  It’s about a doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis, and the year was 1846.   At this time there was no way to “see” germs, no equipment to “prove” their existence.  The medical community was also divided between illness being caused by evil, and the scientific minded pushing for doctors to be formally trained as opposed to just winging it or being “holy” enough to heal.   Semmelweis worked in a hospital and was an obstetrician. By trail and error throughout his career he noticed that when delivery staff washed their hands before assisting birth, the mothers and babies died at a much much lower rate from what was called “childbirth fever”  So Semmelweis eventually concluded that there were “unseen forces” causing the fever and deaths.  He guessed it may have been pieces of corpses or dirt that was being passed around or introduced into the woman during birth.  Other physicians at the time would speculate they weren’t worthy of motherhood, or other spiritual aspects were at play.  He started washing his hands before delivery and “magically” the death rates plummeted.  He was unfortunately met with much resistance.  Doctors did not appreciate the new theory, even assuming he was blaming them for the deaths.  The theory didn’t take off simply because people could not prove it, and the implications rattled a few egos.  Semmelweis was rejected from the medical community and eventually committed to an insane asylum, where he later died.  He never lived to see his theory proven and implemented.  This medical history lesson teaches us many things.  For one, being improvable does not mean incorrect.  And two, whether it was seen as a scientific or spiritual issue, either way the proof was in the pudding.  This action causes this result, period.

So yea, dont be gross and just wash that energetic grime off after your sessions!

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