Gratitude Heals

Whenever I feel down in life, stuck in a mood or a spiral, there’s one thing that always without fail pulls me back out    Its gratitude.  Consciously giving thanks for everything I can throughout the day has me feeling better and attracting good things again very quickly.  It seems too simple and we’ve all heard it before, but anyone who’s learned to feel content and appreciative in life will confirm, the gratitude they have in the very core of their being, is why they continue to rise, why they seem to be blessed more frequently.  I see people act grateful, while they’re actually thinking negatively, deep inside still dissatisfied with what they have/are. That doesn’t work.  Seldom does the questionable new version of gratitude and manifesting, known as “positive thinking” yield either, as this is just subconsciously wanting more & more, coupled with the anxiety of awaiting results.  I’m not a fan of this philosophy in spirituality, it’s a self-centered energy and is not in alignment with collective consciousness or universal service.  Besides, manifestations reflect your subconscious and frequencies.  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can take effort at first, especially if you’re not used to truly appreciating everything good in your existence.  It may take a bit of time to truly shift into the vibration of gratitude.  With all lasting changes we need to be persistent and patient (Remember the 11th Law of Karma: All rewards require initial toil.  Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.)  Try giving thanks for all you can for an entire day and see what happens, notice already the change in your vibration, your subconscious on a new path.  I believe we truly do manifest our reality, whether its quantum or subconscious, divine or the natural flow, who cares, we are co-creating our realities with our mind.  The lesson of gratitude is as old as any teaching, its higher living 101, and an emotional skill that should be of the first Mastered for an abundant, purposeful and happy life.


(There’s a time for grieving and honouring your feelings, I don’t suggest trying to bypass an emotion, however this is great for the everyday blues, negative expectation implants and general low vibing energy that can spiral us into a dark place🖤)

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