Energy Medicine For Whole Body Health

Energy Medicine is the future of healing, both spiritually and physically.  I’m not suggesting that you should see a Reiki Healer for a broken arm, or that we should forgo allpoathic medicine entirely.   But that a seasoned Healer trained in the art of muscle testing and ethical practicing is complimentary to Western Medicine.  Energy Medicine can certainly heal imbalances, and increase our Ki, but more than that, it can identify issues within the physical body, and what it needs to become healthy again.

Our currant medical model looks at symptoms, and then prescribes a treatment (often pharmaceuticals or surgery)    This method doesn’t tell us tells what the core issue is, what the actual imbalance or need is. It just says “Yep, here’s the problem, were not sure why this is happening but here’s a fancy label for ya, and some even harder to pronounce pills to mask the symptoms”   For example, chronic fatigue syndrome.  You go to the Doctors, and explain to them your general symptoms, feeling tired, winded easily, etc.  And then he tells you, based on the symptoms, “Oh, you have chronic fatigue syndrome” and that’s essentially that.  Maybe try some drugs, but never really getting to the bottom of the problem. Now you simply have a pointless diagnosis with a fancy name to tell people.  Muscle testing and intuitively tuning in with the physical body, an experienced healer can determine Why you are having those symptoms in the first place. How exciting is that?  Instead of checking off a list of symptoms and matching you to a prescription, which may or may not bring relief, an Energy Medicine Practitioner focuses more on the causes of symptoms, and asking the body what it needs to correct the imbalance.  We do not diagnose.  We simply give the body a voice to say what it needs.  Perhaps there is a nutritional deficiency.  Perhaps there are trapped emotions within the meridians halting flow. There could be hormonal imbalances causing the fatigue. Often diseases of the same name can have many different origins from person to person.

When a client comes in with, say, migraines, rather than looking at the symptoms and trying different elimination diets and petro-chemical pharmaceuticals, I instead test the body to ask what is actually causing the migraine symptom.  We may find that it’s simply an allergen, and as easily as that the client can now eliminate the source.  Often we find several contributing factors. Perhaps the musculoskeletal system is out of whack.  We can further test why this is, perhaps there is an abundance of emotional energy needing to be released, or they needs a chiropractic adjustment.  Muscle testing gives your subconscious a voice so that we can find the root of the issue.  Still testing for migraine origins, we may also find there is a fungal infection causing inflammation.  We then continue testing to uncover the best supplement for the particular client to kill the infection.  Finally, we may also discover there is a mineral deficiency.   Muscle test some more and find the client is chronically low on magnesium.  This is the difference between seeing your allopathic  MD (which we are blessed to have access to) and complimentary care at Reiki And Alternative Healing.   I always have preventative care on my mind, wanting to heal imbalances before they become an emergency.  And I treat clients individually, finding the root of any dis-ease or imbalance within the bodies, physical and energetic.

“May you never know what you have prevented”  – an old preventative medicine quote


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