Recognizing The Patterns Of Unseen Emotional Baggage

Clients most often come in with reoccurring issues that they’ve finally had enough of.  This is typical in my wellness practice and others, be it therapy or counselling or guidance of any kind.   We reach out when we recognize a pattern in our life but cant figure out the whys and hows.

These patterns may be string of lovers who always cheat, or partners who don’t value us.  It could be someone with a pattern of losing jobs for the same reason.
Anxiety that’s been plaguing an individual for years despite therapy.
A history of toxic friendships or general lack of motivation.   Or  people with a pattern of substance abuse or addiction.
You get the drift    A common theme that shows up in ones life.
Regardless of the repeating issue,  my process is always the same with these types of healing sessions
Uncovering the root of the pattern.    I do this by connecting to THE CLIENTS SUBCONSCIOUS via the Quantum field.    Of coarse I’m an “intuitive healer”, however these are very specific distortions & issues buried in THE CLIENTS subconscious
After muscle testing we narrow down the exact trapped frequency (which corresponds to an emotion, each one has its own specific frequency) we permanently clear the issue through the governing meridian, our meridian from where all others lead into. The Law Of Attraction is a pretty accurate concept (maybe misunderstood) but it is our frequency that is creating our experience.     Affirmations are nice little reminders of our goals, and counselling can maybe uncover issues after months or years
But at Reiki and Alternative Healing, we get right to the point.    And then we actually clear it, people can literally feel the emotion as it’s brought up.   It doesn’t matter if the client 100% believes it will bring changes or not because it is Actually Energy Healing, we are ACTUALLY removing the distortions from you energetic body, just as real as removing a splinter or tumor.   The results we see using these techniques with animals shows this isn’t a hypnotherapy scam whereby we trick your subconscious for a few weeks until it fades, we really do healing work and the effects multiply over time as the body’s frequency restores to its divine state.  Across the globe these quantum clearing sessions are popular with expensive show and race horses with huge documented success.  I’ve personally worked on several rescue animals and the instant changes are incredible, going from traumatized or despaired, to secure and friendly.    This is true Law Of Attraction.    If you want more information on clearing limiting beliefs and blocks, leaving unseen emotional baggage in the past then check out Emotion Code Healing with Dr.Bradley Nelson or my website for a better understanding of how and why this is true healing.   As a self-healing shaman, Reiki healer, certified EC healer and general Energy Medicine Practitioner who’s been doing this professionally for years, personally for over 20, I have seen hundreds naturally heal disruptions in their life in profound and meaningful ways.   From clearing blocks to love or money, to healing physical dis-eases in the body, & mental health relief of coarse too, this is spirit science🖤  And it’s quicker and cheaper than therapy or years of pills.  Much more effective too, but that’s just my opinion;)   It simply works, and it works profoundly starting from the first session.  Once the trapped emotion is cleared, it doesn’t come back, and in natural and often unexpected ways, we become in alignment with our desires or state of health and balance.
If you’re done repeating lessons and ready to actually change direction, find a legitimate healer and begin this process of clearing and ascension.

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