Save Your Throat Chakra

I’ve done healing’s with, primarily women, who have very weak throat chakras, sometimes resulting in dis-ease, loss of voice, thyroid dysfunction etc.   I always ask the same question “Are you ‘pleading’ with a partner?”    Only once was it not the case, a middle school teacher who of coarse had to talk & repeat all day.   Otherwise, same story, people who are all talk & no action.  People truly do hear the first time and either choose to ignore, ‘misunderstand’, or make irrelevant excuses.  I’ve lived this myself.   While I was married I constantly had a sore throat, strep throat, viral infections, loss of voice etc.   Because I was constantly pleading and repeating myself, thinking eventually I would be heard, … but I was already heard.   If you wonder why everyone else understands, but this person never does?  Its on purpose.   For no reason should you ever need to repeat, plead or explain basic courtesy and boundaries   Now, when I encounter someone who doesn’t seem to “hear” me the first time, I walk away.  My physical throat dis-eases and illness’s naturally healed when I stopped talking so much and starting acting, or simply explain once and leave them to figure out the rest.   Haven’t had throat issues since I stopped the pleading and just took action.    Our physical dis-eases and illnesses point to where we need healing within our energetic bodies.

Life’s too short to explain toddler-level  lessons to an adult, or repeat our needs to someone who just doesn’t care.   It takes too much effort to keep explaining the same thing to a friend or family member.   And sometimes we allow our selves to be lied to or gas-lighted because we keep trying to plead or mentally reach a partner, instead of realizing your wasting your breath because they are playing dumb or playing you for a chump;)   All talk and no action is not balanced, and the throat energy center  (or “chakra” if you’re Hindu) is what suffers.   It’s so much simpler and productive to say it once and then act accordingly.   Hard pill to swallow, but we teach people how to treat us.   Our partners, friends, family and children, all relationships.   At this point in life people know I say things once and action follows.   If you repeat what you say, you’ve taught them not to listen🖤

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