Different Types Of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a method of healing where a practitioner transmits healing Subtle Energy, usually through the hands. There are many types of subtle energies and techniques for passing it along or clearing it out.


Reiki is just the label a Japanese man gave to the art of energy channeling. I am grateful he did, because it’s given people in the West a label to help us collectively accept our energetic body, which is connected to God/Source, just as much as we have a physical body connected to Gaia/Earth. When I give Reiki, I first bring myself into an energetically sound place, get into prayer/connection mode (in a theta brain wave), then pray to have my crown chakra opened. Now connected to Source, energy flows into my crown & being, then out my hands. I can feel my crown open and my heart pump harder, my body tingles, then I begin moving my hands around a bit to feel the flow. At this point I begin giving the Reiki/channeled energy. You have given me permission to connect energetically, and this energy is passed from me to you, like a tuning fork.  I can see energy often during the session, but I mostly keep my eyes closed so I can feel the energy. This tells me more than colorful light emissions. I can feel pain or strength before the client informs me. I scan and observe the aura more-so during our initial talk or counselling, just to see where they’re at emotionally, and to gauge how strong or weak their bio-magnetic & electric field is.

During a session, as my crown is open, I receive insights and messages to relay to the client. Every practitioner is different, but I’m certainly not woo-la-la in my approach. The insights and revelations and information given always resonate in a very realistic way for the client. During my sessions I often feel into each major energetic center (Chakras) to see where you’re at in that area of life, and then fill each one with high vibration energy. (I never mess with others’ crown Chakra and advise those I can tell have allowed someone else to, to stop. This is your connection to God/Source, and he doesn’t need a Healers help. This is also why it is said you cannot open your own crown chakra, that God does it when you’re ready. If you are unsure if yours opens, say a prayer. Do you feel connected to God? Do you feel his Love or comfort? If so, it is being opened during prayer. It’s like God turned on the connection like a light switch and will do so more often the more you spend time in prayer and meditation. It always closes during times of anger and harsh emotion, even with me. This is why it is said “God does not dwell in an angry home” Its not that anger is always bad, it can be quite productive when done right, however the 2 frequencies do not mesh) I don’t control the frequency, I’m simply a conductor from God/Source to You, as most people have lost their own ability to connect and channel at this point in human history. Though I don’t specifically say this to clients at first, my personal goal in this work is raise human consciousness so that everyone can have their own connection and channel on their own. Each session is a little different, but this is the basis of what Reiki is: A person who is of high vibration, who has acquired control over their own brainwaves (streams of consciousness) with opened crown, acting as conductor and passing the high vibration frequencies on to the client.


Where Reiki is giving energy, Emotion Code Clearing is taking away. Using a technique called “applied kinesiology” (a fancy word for what we Shamans simply call “muscle testing”) we uncover subconscious blocks and trapped emotions and clear them out through the governing meridian. Its a powerful way to rid ourselves of unseen energetic baggage permanently, often resulting in the disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship problems. We rid trapped emotions that have become part of the spirit body either in your lifetime, or inherited. (Just as we inherit physically, we can inherit energetically. Knowing this helps us understand why & how non-genetic conditions are passed down. I call them spiritually inherited dis-eases) We figure out what specific harmful emotion (Energy-in-Motion) is trapped, as well as the exact year it happened via muscle testing. Simply put, I ask questions and test your muscle strength to get answers from your subconscious. This technique alone has helped many to understand what is either causing or contributing to their dis-ease, without needing dozens of counselling sessions or often incorrect lab work. Once the emotion and time frame are realized, the actual incident which caused the trapped emotion is brought back into the clients conscious mind instinctively. So lets say a client comes in with a sore shoulder, evening anxiety, whatever. I muscle test to see if a trapped emotion is causing the disturbance. Then I figure out what year it became lodged. At this point the client often remarks “Yea that’s about the time it started hurting/happening” I ask the client to tell me what was happening that year and the answer is then brought into conscious awareness, “Oh yea, that’s the year my wife left me. I was devastated.” Sometimes were not exactly sure what happened the year we narrowed it down to. That’s okay, either a hidden memory or something so minor we don’t think it was significant. Sometimes things as simple as being called “Stupid!” by a neighbor can cause a trapped emotion, and a major life event doesn’t. Its not so much the severity of the event that causes the trapped emotion, as it is our ability to emotionally resolve it instead of feeding and holding onto it. True, the worse the event the harder it may be to resolve, so we do see major events coming up more often. However in some sessions it sometimes appears to be minor things that had major effects. It’s a pretty remarkable process, to have a long buried memory brought up and realized for processing. At this point the emotion has been brought to conscious awareness. We can now clear it out. Using a magnet and focused intention I run the magnet along their governing meridian (which all meridians are connected to) to bring out the trapped emotion. I sometimes instead use a specific Quartz crystal for clearing, some respond better to the strong balanced magnet, others clear better with the Quartz. The client often feels the emotion as its being brought to the surface, but relief immediately after clearing. I can usually tell while running the magnet, if the emotion has been cleared by the sigh of relief or deep breaths the client takes during clearing, or the body suddenly becomes soft and sways. I then test the body one more time making sure we released the emotion, and voila, this harmful low vibe energy is now out of your being. It does not return, it is just done. In my opinion, this is the most effective and legitimate form of energy clearing currently, and also the most important part of energy hygiene currently for us Westerners. We are full of trapped emotions and passing them down to each generation. It’s obvious just from looking around, that people around here are getting more unstable, yet we are living in the most abundant times. It’s simply unstable or low vibration frequencies. Its keeping us mentally, physically & spiritually sick. Reiki is nourishing, fun, relaxing, but it we cannot heal our back if the knife is still in it.  True, it raises our frequency for easier healing of the physical, it can sustain us until the problem is gone. But we need to clear out. The process of clearing emotions is not new in most cultures. Shamanism is timeless,  and clearing is seen as routine hygiene.  This emotion code technique has taken these leanings and categorized it for clarity, tested it using new technology like subtle energy detectors, and organized it into a health-care like service.


This is the energy of Gaia. It is the subtle energy produced by Earth. It’s not the same as channeled Source/God energy, which is channeled through an open crown chakra from Source. This is the energy that is all around us, stronger in some places than others. It is the energy we see in Kirlian photography. It’s in the air we breathe. In big cities there is very little nature and so very little Ki/Chi/Prana/Universal Life Force (all the same thing in different languages) This is why we feel so yucky after being in a busy city. Produced by Gaia, it is abundant in nature, hence we feel so healthy after walking in the woods or sitting by the beach. When we eat fresh food, we are ingesting life force as a nutrient. The sooner off the vine, the higher the life force within the fruit. When I do “Quantum Touch” what I am doing is directing this life force to the client. There are many forms of bringing Ki medicine to a client, I just call it Quantum Touch. There are some really cool studies done on how intention alone directs photons and consequently, Ki and subtle energies. Albert Einsteins “double slit” experiment highlights this phenomenon. Simplified, the experiment was set up so there were 2 slits in a material. Using nothing but intention, Mr. Einstein showed that by simply deciding or intending, the photons would go through that slit. So if he set up that test-round so that he wanted the photons go through the right slit, simply by thinking of them flowing though the right slit, they did. Many experiments replicate what Einstein already knew, our thoughts have a direct impact on the physical. It starts on the quantum level. The quantum field has long been a source of theories and wonder. Now as science advances, what others have mocked in past is now being studied and proven by physicists and scientists across the globe. Quantum touch is something most anyone can do, and I often teach parent clients this technique to help heal sick little ones. This Life force is needed by all living animals and plants. Feeling low energy, groggy, slow to heal or think, is often just a lack of Ki.

While there are many forms of Energy Medicine, such as electric pulses used in trauma centers to stabilize brainwaves, or defibrillators used to jump start the hearts electric pulse pattern, to frequency emitters that were used to heal tumors, to sound-wave medical technology, Energy is clearly an important part of healing. Our energetic bodies need nourishment and health if we want our physical bodies to flourish. And as we are also part of the Quantum Field, having a clear & balanced Spirit is imperative to our experience. A clear and healthy Spirit contributes to a clear and healthy life.


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